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Tips for a Unique Proposal

When it comes to marriage proposals, there are numerous ways you can pop the question. However, since you want the moment to be memorable, you are seeking a very unique way to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage. If you’re eager to do a unique proposal that will stand out from all others ever done. here are five tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

Make it a Scavenger Hunt

One of the most creative marriage proposal ideas you can use is to make the proposal itself a scavenger hunt. To accomplish this, you may need to enlist the help of a few friends. To begin, think about some places you and your partner hold near and dear to your hearts. This can include parks, a favorite restaurant, or anywhere else. As your partner goes to each place. They will find a note from you that peaks their curiosity more and more. At the final stop, they’ll find a note as well as you there to propose marriage as family and friends look on.

Proposal in the Snow

If the two of you love to ski, why not decide to make your marriage proposal while enjoying the snow? To make this a truly memorable occasion that you will be able to talk about with your grandkids in the years ahead. You can book a private jet charter to whisk you and your partner away to your favorite ski resort. Once you arrive, have plans in place with the resort to let you write various messages in the snow underneath the ski lift. As you and your partner are going along on the lift. You can point out the various messages in the snow. Of course, the last message will have your partner’s name and your marriage proposal. Your partner will be surprised and very eager to accept your proposal.

The Concert Announcement

If you and your partner have a favorite singer who you will be seeing in concert. Chances are you can coordinate with the singer’s public relations team to help you propose at the concert. In most cases, the concert venue and the artist will be happy to oblige, since they get lots of fantastic free and positive publicity. Just imagine that both of you are enjoying a favorite song. The singer stops the show and announces you have something to ask your partner. Before you know it, you and your partner will be officially engaged. Then you will suddenly have thousands of new friends and well-wishers.

Put the Ring in a Book

Should your future spouse be a book lover? You can do a unique proposal by using this to your advantage. If your partner has a certain book they are very eager to read, see if you can find an old book that looks similar in size and shape. Then get the cover from the actual book and put in on the older book. After you’ve done this, cut out a small portion of the inside of the book. Then you can place your engagement ring inside the book. When you give it to your partner, tell them there’s something interesting inside the book. Upon opening it up, they’ll find the ring inside and you down on one knee proposing marriage.

Propose at a Planetarium

Finally, if you have always found yourself promising to give your partner the moon and stars in the sky. You can actually do this if you decide to make your marriage proposal at a planetarium. When doing so, ask if they can project your marriage proposal on the screen as the two of you are watching the stargazing show. As both of you are enjoying the beauty of the heavens above, pondering the meaning of life, and basking in your love for one another. Your partner will suddenly see your marriage proposal on the screen. Soon, you will be a couple that is officially engaged.


Rather than go with a traditional marriage proposal, give one of these ideas a try. Whether you whisk your partner away on a private jet, hand them a book, or propose with the planets. It’s certain your marriage proposal will be one that’s talked about among your family and friends for decades to come.


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