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Why Every Tech Geeks Needs To Visit Vienna

Tech geeks spent Easter break this year in Vienna, a place renowned for its art, music, and psychoanalysis. When they tell people where we’re vacationing, they frequently give me an odd look, as if they sprouted an additional head.

For whatever reason, cities are regarded as a “no go” location after you have kids. The beach is where most families go. I understand why; kids who are in a pool or the sea are often happy kids.

Tech geek nelson created by nelson Torres

Nelson fell in love with technology when he was a young child. When he was eight years old, he can still remember acquiring his first computer he became addicted.

He would work on his computer for hours on end, learning how to code and programme. Even as a teenager, he established his own tech geeks repair company.

Tech geek nelson created by nelson Torres is currently a well-known YouTuber and tech blogger. He maintains a website where he offers his opinions and ideas on everything tech-related.

Additionally, he frequently contributes to a number of other tech websites and publications. Nelson enjoys both writing and creating tech-related videos

His Tech Geek Nelson YouTube channel features his most recent tech discoveries and reviews.

Reasons why Every Tech Geeks Needs To Visit Vienna

Traditional resort vacations tech geeks

Traditional resort vacations aren’t really suit us for a number of reasons.

The biggest one is that anything brighter than a 60W lightbulb causes my wife, who has fair skin, to burn to a char.

She must therefore sit away from us in the shade or slather on sunscreen to avoid feeling like a sticky.

This is not enjoyable for anyone. Prices for the warmer regions are still exorbitant even during the cooler months if it’s a school holiday.

Cities are fine during bad weather

On the other hand, cities are fine during bad weather. Of course, dry weather is ideal, but even in a downpour, there is always something to do in a city.

Families of tech geeks typically have countless options. Because of this, since having kids, we’ve attempted to make a trip to a certain city part of our yearly vacation.

Although it’s not always an easy choice and is undoubtedly more challenging now that we have three.

We find our city holidays to be beautiful, geeky experiences, even though they may be exhausting.

Plan your activities:

The first thing that tech geeks should remember is that when taking kids to a city is to plan your activities carefully.

You don’t need to have a strict plan since, as we all know tech geeks.

When kids are involved, things rarely go as planned, but you do need to have an idea of what you want to do each day.

We are no longer able to roll out of bed in the middle of the morning, find a place for breakfast, and make plans over a croissant and coffee.

We’ve discovered that slowing down is the most crucial action to do.

The days of visiting all the big attractions a city has to offer in 72 hectic hours are long gone.

I believe spending time with children requires twice as much time as you would like to spend without them.


You can be flexible within this timeframe. Tech geeks need wriggle room in the itinerary in case the youngsters are too worn out to visit the museum and need some downtime.

When your children are, mercifully, being lovely and kind to one another while you are in a café.

Where the food and coffee are both excellent (this is true everywhere in Vienna), you want to relish that exceptional moment and stay precisely where you are.

You don’t want to be hurrying to the next location. Tech geeks want to be able to let your two-year-old, who is crazy with trams, ride one whenever he or she sees one.

Every family has different needs:

Every family has different needs and preferences when it comes to accommodations. Tech geeks enjoyed looking for apartments, especially in cities in Europe.

When tech geek’s returns from a day of sightseeing exhausted, they provide more living space for the family to spread out in.

There seem to be a tonne of lovely historical structures in Europe that are offered for vacation rentals and include excellent high ceilings and authentic ironwork.

They provide a peek of city life and are typically less expensive than motels. For breakfast and other meals, it’s simple to save money if the apartment has a halfway adequate kitchen.

Suddenly, going to the grocery store, taking out the trash, and even finding a place to do the laundry, become fun and intriguing activities to spend time.


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