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How Find Short-Term Stay Apartments in Dubai?

Dubai is a glitzy metropolis where influencers abound. The place is full of high-rise skyscrapers, gleaming malls, and palm-tree islands. There are many apartments for sale in Dubai and homes available for weekly or longer leases.

As the capital and largest city of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has grown to be a popular destination for ex-pats. Following the formal implementation of new visa policies adopted to encourage further international visitor arrivals to the country, the surge in demand for short-term rental properties to accelerate this year. 

Because of this, more people are looking for vacation rentals and apartments for sale in Dubai. The sizes of the apartments for rent in Dubai range greatly (from studios, 1 or 2 BHK, to up to 6 bedrooms).

Keeping prices down is probably not a top priority for people on a luxury purchasing binge. However, extended hotel stays can get very pricey if you are in Dubai for business, employment, or a holiday. Therefore, if you are considering staying a while, we have selected some of the top online resources for finding short- to mid-term lodging and apartments for sale in Dubai that fits your preferences, needs, and budget.

But First, let us see what factors to take into account. Finding more affordable short-term rentals and apartments for sale in Dubai

  1. Look for discounts and special deals. Many landlords provide discounted prices for the first few months of a lease agreement. Depending on how long you expect to stay, sometimes long-term rentals are more affordable than short-term rentals, and other times short-term rentals are.
  2. Examine costs in various locations. Rent prices might differ drastically from one neighborhood to the next if you are flexible with the area, so it is crucial to conduct research before deciding on a specific place.
  3. 3. If you are ok with sharing, you can consider sharing the apartment or the flat with roommates. It is a great way to reduce your overall housing cost while still enjoying home comforts.
  4. Talk to your landlord about a deal. You can also bargain if you are new to the neighborhood, have good credit, and have a history of reliable rentals. You have nothing to lose by trying! With your landlord, you can work out a reduced monthly rent.
  5.  Use your living space creatively. You can locate cheaper alternatives to typical apartments or flats if you are willing to live in a smaller or unusual space.

Now let us look at some resources for finding short- to mid-term lodging that satisfies your requirements, preferences, and financial constraints.

Our top choice for rentals of any length, from a week to a fortnight, is, one of the largest websites in the world for booking hotel accommodations. also has a wide range of short-term flats for rent in many locations worldwide, including Dubai. Our web search revealed a sizable selection of furnished rentals with rates starting at roughly €80 per night and going as high as those that would make a sheikh shudder. is simple to use, has an app that allows the guest and property owner to connect freely, and has several filters to help you focus your search. Additionally, the platform offers a Best Price Guarantee on all reservations, promising to refund the difference if you discover a lower price elsewhere. is a regional marketplace that offers first-rate, custom-serviced apartments all around the United Arab Emirates to meet all business trip needs. is a one-stop shop where you can search for furnished and serviced apartments and reserve opulent serviced lodging for extended, temporary, and short-term business and leisure travel. In Dubai, we have a variety of four and five-star luxury apartments that are furnished and serviced (with housekeeping, amenities, room service, utilities, and many other services inclusive).

Marina Beach

While Spota home and Airbnb share many aesthetic characteristics. The former is preferable for more extended stays while the latter focuses on monthly rentals. Our search for lodging in Dubai led us to more than 30 establishments spread out over the city. With rates beginning at €150 per month for a shared room close to Marina Beach.

The website is user-friendly, has thoughtfully written neighborhood guides. Offers a “Favorites” section to make the tedious work of finding the ideal apartment a little easier. The one-time fee Spota home charges for its services varies depending on the property type; nevertheless. It excludes utility costs and other expenses like cleaning fees, late check-in fees, and overnight guests. It is also important to consider that if you cancel your reservation more than 29 days before your check-in date. The website will not return either the reservation fee or the first month’s rent.

People wishing to rent out flats for a month or more are the target audience for Blue ground. Booking an apartment on the platform is simple. Use their user-friendly search option to filter and sort by dates, amenities, and price. In the downtown region near Dubai Marina and The Walk on Jumeirah Beach Residence. Blue ground had hundreds of flats available during our chosen dates. Before every new check-in, the premises are sanitized. The blue ground has a committed local support team. A Guest App available to report any maintenance or service needs difficulties.

The best real estate options in Dubai are for people from all backgrounds. Those mentioned above are some sites to Browse available apartments for sale in Dubai or rental apartments. 


What are the top online resources for renting?

When looking for an agent, an excellent place to start is the list of approve brokers maintaine by the Dubai Land Authorities. Some great sites to search for a short-term stay in Dubai are property finder, just property, and Dubizzle.

Which language will be spoken when I set up my new home in Dubai?

Although Arabic is the official language of the United Arab Emirates. English is the language that is used the most in Dubai. As a result, many accommodations listed online include English descriptions, and many rental brokers also speak other major world languages. The laws governing tenancy agreements and rent are also available online in English via the Dubai Land Authority, and all agents and umbrella sites mentioned above are also in English.

When and how are lease agreements execute?

Always request a written contract before committing to a home in Dubai. You and your landlord will occasionally negotiate your contract with a broker’s help. There isn’t a standard contract, and you can modify the terms to fit your needs as long as you follow tenancy laws.

Is Dubai’s rental market pricey?

The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is €1766 in the city center and €1209 outside of it. As a result, renting in Dubai is about 60% more expensive than buying a home in Paris, putting it on pace with London. The amount of rent you pay will vary greatly depending on where you live. Some people opt to leave the center city for smaller rural areas where villas are more frequently available.

Can I rent apartments for sale in Dubai?

In Dubai, foreigners and residents can purchase residential properties, including apartments. For a consistent income, you can decide whether rent it out to renters.

What is the typical deposit amount?

The deposit you must pay is typically equivalent to four weeks of rent. You must ensure your protection because you must make payment before moving in. A record of the deposit you have paid to the landlord should be include in the blue contract form. Which your agent will hand you at the time of reservation, and the Ejari record you’ll receive when you register your tenancy. You must also ensure that you work with a trustworthy broker and obtain a receipt.

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Even while the system isn’t particularly complicate, a new ex-pat may find it strange. You’ll locate your ideal home in Dubai quickly, though. If you follow some local advice and are clear on what you want from your new residence. Good fortune!


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