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Sports trading: what it is?

The dream of every Sports Trading is to earn money thanks to his passion, in order to satisfy two different needs at the same time and combine business with pleasure. Sports trading is a way to reconcile two seemingly distant worlds, such as sports and investments.

Although sports trading is very different from online trading, it is also different from classic sports betting. So let’s find out how it works, what are the most used strategies and how to become a sports trader.

What is Sports Trading?

Sports trading is an investment activity which consists in the trading of sports odds . These quotations undergo fluctuations over time and become more marked during the match. The sports trader takes advantage of the odds variation to make a profit, to the detriment of another trader who has performed a diametrically opposite operation.

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In fact, those who invest to earn with the sports trader do not interface with a bookmaker, but with other users who are engaged in the trading of odds. 

In fact, in this sector it is not correct to speak of a bookmaker, because the figure of the intermediary does not exist. However, it is possible to trade sports only on special platforms called betting exchanges .

While the word trading can be misleading, sports trading is a very different activity to online trading . Those who trade online engage in the negotiation of financial assets and contracts, while in the case of sports trading, the object of exchange is the odds of sports competitions.

There are also important differences with regard to legislative regulation,

because sports trading is regulated by ADM (Customs and Monopolies Agency,

which has incorporated AAMS) and is considered as a remote betting activity between players.

Instead, online trading is regulated by CONSOB in Italy and by ESMA at European level. In this case the applicable legislation is that on remote trading of financial securities and contracts.

How does it work?

How is sports trading done? There are two types of operation that can be performed:

  • Tip . It consists in opening a purchase position ( long ) of a share;
  • Bank . Instead, it represents the opening of a selling position ( short ) of a share.

Betting is quite simple to understand, because it is similar to placing a bet. When the odds are laid instead, the trader behaves as if he were a bookmaker,

assuming a higher risk, which can even exceed the entered stake .

Typically after you bet or lay, when the match begins you exit the position with the aim of making a profit . 

The performance of the game can obviously also be unfavorable to the trader’s operation, who in this case will face a loss.

Exchanging operations during the game is only possible if there is another trader on the platform willing to take over. Since these are platforms populated by many traders, it is not difficult to find someone willing to buy the share.

Sports trading strategies

Those who do sports trading follow very specific strategies, which require the need to study the opposing teams well and the news that revolve around the match. 

One of the most used techniques in sports trading is scalping , which consists of betting and laying several times during the game, to profit from changes in the odds.

Chasing odds changes is an activity that requires speed and precision. The difficulty is also linked to the fact that the platforms do not update the odds immediately and several mouse clicks are needed to manage operations.

To overcome these problems, sports traders use software that simplifies trading operations . In this case, fewer steps are required and you can bet and lay more quickly and without setbacks.

There is also sporty trading through automatic bots , which enter the various positions based on preset parameters. Bots perform calculations much faster than the human brain and can give the trader a competitive edge over other users.

The sports trader

The figure of the sports trader is different from that of the bettor.

 Although he is still a sports enthusiast,

he does not carry out this activity for fun, but to make a profit from his operations.

Often those engaged in this activity have studied a course and make use of special software or bots to simplify their operations. However, transforming this activity into a valid investment is very difficult.


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