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7 Topmost Marketing Strategies to Promote Music Online 2023

In the modern digital era, musicians frequently play multiple roles. Although writing and recording music are the primary priorities, developing a marketing plan is crucial to getting your songs heard.

The amount of new music that is published on a regular basis makes it difficult to predict whether or not your music will resonate with listeners. Your task as a musician is strategically and methodically releasing your songs for the world to listen to, even if they are frequently intensely personal and emotional.

These tactics can help you get started if you’re currently marketing your music independently or getting ready to drop a new album.

1.    Develop A Strong Presence on social media

Developing an online presence on all the major social media platforms is substantial to engage with your target audience. There is no denying the effectiveness of a solid social media marketing plan. It’s crucial to establish and maintain a consistent, amusing, and engaging presence throughout Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and even less obvious channels like Snapchat. Try to maintain consistency with your profile handles to make it simpler for people to find you online.

There is an awe-inspiring amount of information available on how to handle your social media accounts, and everything is continually evolving across all platforms. For further information on managing and maximizing your social media presence, look for How to Create a Wikipedia Page for A Musician as a useful marketing tool.

2.    Connect With Your Fans

To grow your fan base and interact with your audience, go on live, in-person performances. It’s likely that when you first start, you’ll have to perform in local settings like neighborhood bars and coffee shops. When your fan following has grown sufficiently, choose the cities you’ll visit using your email list and social media accounts. Once you connect strongly with your music fans, you can surely raise your goals and work more to achieve them. 

3.    Utilize Email Marketing

You may advertise new music as you create it by using an email list, which is a crucial tool for music promotion. To grow your marketing list, add a sign-up form that is prominently displayed on your website. At your live performances, distribute fliers and set up sign-up tables in person. To encourage sign-ups, provide your subscribers with exclusive benefits like merchandise discounts or early show access. Once you have a sizable subscriber base, you can utilize email marketing to advertise new albums, reveal tour dates, and provide general music news.

4.    Don’t Avoid Creating a Short Form Content

It can be an attractive action when you generate videos on short-form music-driven apps that artistically incorporate clips of your songs. In the past few years, short-form videos have become popular and seen as sharable content compared to long-form videos. These 15- or 30-seconds videos can potentially promote your video, range a wider audience, and engage global music fans.

5.    Host Your Music Playlisted on Streaming Platforms

Playlisting and streaming cannot be ignored. Hundreds of millions of listeners worldwide access playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and other platforms, generating billions of followers. The inclusion of your song in a well-liked playlist can help you accumulate thousands of streams.

While having your music featured on curated playlists is excellent for exposure and credibility, having your music featured on algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly can significantly increase your stream count. Therefore, it is worthwhile to explore all options.

6.    Build And Monetize Your Own Artist Website

A band’s website is crucial to developing its musical identity and attracting new fans. Social media can be useful in this regard but can also restrict your artistic reach. Create a music website that reflects your artist brand and direct all your social media and streaming platform users there. You can make money online for your music and merchandise through your website in addition to serving as a more reliable, professional location to grow your fan base.

7.    Shoot For a Music Video

One of the finest ways to advertise your music online is to release an engaging music video. Make an effort to be imaginative when coming up with the idea for your video. Consider a hook that might make it popular, such as basing it on a current viral meme trend or shooting it in a single complicated take. Here are four key points to study when shooting a music video;

  • Use a High-quality camera
  • Give a clear sound
  • Utilize creative editing software
  • Shoot a video on an attractive location

Simply record a live performance and originally edit the video if you are working with low resources. Share and host music video excerpts on your website and social media platforms.

Final Thoughts

Musicians must adjust to both the pandemic and the internet in different ways. Artists must realize that there are still many chances for music promotion even though some strategies are not now available. Musicians can still connect with and reach new listeners online to expand their fan bases in advance of the return of live performances.


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