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Advanced Mobile App Design Trends To Lead The Market In 2022

Mobile phones have become the next basic necessity after food, clothing, and shelter. In 2022, the number of people that own a mobile phone (smartphone & feature phone) is 7.26 Billion, making up 91.00% of the world’s population, among which the number of smartphone users is 6.648 Billion, which translates to 83.32% of the world’s population. And what is a mobile phone without mobile apps?

It’s no surprise that the mobile app industry is thriving, with app usage and smartphone penetration steadily growing and showing no signs of slowing down in the near future. Mobile apps are expected to generate over $935 billion in revenue by 2023.

Now that people are aware of the significance of mobile app development and are building mobile at a rapid pace to promote their business, how can you make your app stand out from millions of others?

Using innovative and user-friendly designs can help you make your app stylish, eye-catching, more profitable, and discernible. Hence, it’s vital to keep up with advanced design trends while mobile app development that enables you to meet changing customer demands and stay competitive. 

Without further ado, let’s dig into the most advanced and promising mobile app design trends that will shape the industry this year.

Mobile App Design Trends in 2022

Unbounded Imagery

For e-commerce and retail apps, app imagery, such as product shots, is intended to be viewed on a small scale within a square or rectangle boundary. So how can they give an unbounded feel to viewers? 

But now, businesses can use limitless imagery to make items blend into the background and float freely on the screen. This gives the user a much more cohesive app experience and unifies the design. You can also allow users to interact with your products by zooming in and rotating them for more information.

Combining limitless imagery with AR technology will allow customers to see how your products would look in their homes before purchasing a more immersive experience. Using this trend, you will unify the style of your solution and provide customers with a more consistent and effective UX.

Advanced Animation

Advanced animation is one of the most significant mobile design trends you should incorporate into your designs. Simple movements will no longer entice your users. Try adding new, more complicated transitions to see the difference.

Borders Defined App’s Elements

Borders are an excellent tool that aids in the organisation of information in app design and acts as separators to establish a hierarchical structure to guide the viewer by adding a simple stroke around each element. They leave enough room for each header, image, or button without giving a cluttered look and feel.

Border styles, such as dashed or dotted lines, and straight or rounded joints, can be experimented with to fit your brand identity. These visuals also resemble popular UI designs from the 1990s, so you can use nostalgia to elicit positive emotions.

Offbeat Text Alignment

Another app design trend gaining popularity in 2022 is experimenting with copy layouts. Designers ensure users have a more immersive and memorable experience by experimenting with spacing and font and creating vertically or diagonally aligned texts.

Asymmetry for Menus and Galleries

Incorporating asymmetry into app design allows you to direct the audience’s attention to specific elements while strengthening your brand’s identity. For example, if you want to sell a product quickly, you can make it more appealing to customers by using asymmetrical fonts and shapes on a page.

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Multi-Directional Navigation

Multi-directional navigation is an easy way to simplify complex flows and interactions. It’s especially common in apps with multiple products or profiles. Incorporating horizontal sliders alongside vertical scrolling displays creates a more interesting and memorable user journey. Instead of simply scrolling through features, these designs encourage users to interact with the app more deliberately.

Dynamic Visual Experience

Improve the user experience by adding some dynamics to the interface of your website or app. The simplest way to accomplish this is to use animation or movies. Animation can highlight app features, increase conversion rates, and boost sales. Micro-movements can make a big difference in your app.

Wrapping Us!

As you can see, trends continue to emphasise simplicity and style, but in 2022, it will be critical to break stereotypes and combine usability with vibrant colours, unusual text alignment, and lavish illustrations. The dark mode is a timeless and elegant solution that will never date. The super app trend is expected to grow rapidly in order to provide users with multiple services on a single platform.

Following all the trends while defying what is best for your business is difficult. It necessitates resources and field expertise. The majority of companies cannot afford to conduct such research on their own. Hiring ace mobile app developers can help you create the interface, visual elements, and navigation that align with your target audience’s needs and preferences.


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