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The possession of a firearm is significant responsibility and should not be handled lightly. The same goes for the choice to have the concealed carry gun is carried around. It’s a decision that requires some time to choose the right gun that will benefit you when it comes to carrying the gun, as well as other self-defense strategies.

Eclipse Holsters are dedicated to drop leg holster helping you to exercise the rights of Second Amendment rights and own firearms and carry firearms. We offer the most concealing women’s holsters and concealed mag pouches as well as gun clips to assist you in your quest to defend your family and yourself. In this blog we’ll give you some tips on buying your first handgun for concealed carry. Get your customized gun holsters now!

Concealed carry handgun and its holsters

The first thing you need to determine while looking at handguns is what kind of gun do you prefer either a revolver or a semi-automatic. An revolver will be a type of handgun that is revolving. Are the firearms you picture when you imagine those who lived in Wild West in the late 1800s. Are western gun holsters repeating handguns with no Reloading that were developed through Samuel Colt in 1836. Have a cylinder or chamber that turns around the place through which bullets are placed.

A semi-automatic handgun utilizes the energy generated by the fired bullet to remove the shell and then refill the next shot which makes them more efficient in reloading, and also allowing the gun to hold more ammunition than revolvers.

Both guns will do the job. The decision comes to personal choice.

To carry concealed The smaller the gun, because they are more easy to conceal. Revolvers are easier to operate and make excellent guns for first-time concealed carry. They are less difficult to clean too. Semi-automatics can be as light and small as revolvers. They are also lighter, which is why they’re lighter, are usually the best most suitable choice for concealed carry. They are able to hold more ammunition, and are more convenient to load using magazines or clips.


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