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Sammy EMR-the Original Electronic Medical Records System

Sammy EMR is a cloud-based EHR software solution that streamlines the process of creating treatment plans and orders for patients. It also integrates with other processes, providing a complete end-to-end client journey solution. While most EHRs focus on the workflows of providers, Sammy focuses on the workflows of clients and medical suppliers.

Patient portal

The Sammy EMR patient portal is an easy-to-use tool that streamlines the clinical documentation process. It allows doctors to submit digital prescriptions and confirm them with patients. It also offers a dashboard that lets physicians see their practice information, patients’ medical histories, and other vital statistics. Additionally, the software is HIPAA compliant, allowing health care professionals to use it to protect their patients’ health information.

With Sammy, physicians can provide patients with access to their medical records online, and patients can schedule their appointments from the convenience of their own homes. This helps reduce lateness and no-shows. Patients can also view detailed overviews of their medical history, prescriptions, and lab results. They can also connect with doctors and request prescription refills.

In addition to improving the quality of work performed by physicians, the patient portal offered by Sammy EMR increases patient engagement. This is made possible with the patient portal, which allows patients to view their health records, schedule appointments, and check laboratory results online. This reduces the risk of no-shows and improves patient engagement.

Voice-recognition tools

Sammy EMR voice-recognitions tools help doctors save time by quickly and accurately converting spoken comments into clinical notes. The tool also helps reduce errors and increases efficiency. Its features include voice-to-text conversion, which can translate spoken comments into notes within a few seconds. It can also be used to track patient engagement statistics, which reduces missed appointments and denied claims.

To be effective, voice-recognition tools must be accurate and include specialized medical vocabulary. They should also use accent-specific acoustic models. Furthermore, voice-recognition tools should be fast and accurate. In a recent study, a survey of 10 hospitals found that most of them had started using voice-recognition tools. In addition, all hospitals reported that the use of voice recognition tools improved transcription time and documentation time.

Voice-recognition tools work by analyzing spoken words and comparing them to a database of medical language. The computer then uses that information to perform a command. Ideally, a physician should be able to provide feedback to help the voice-recognition software improve its accuracy.

Patient engagement solutions

Sammy EMR patient engagement solutions offer a range of features that provide patients with access to their health information. These include reminders to make appointments, information on managing certain conditions, and secure messaging between providers and patients. The system is also designed to minimize inconvenience for both patients and staff, as it automates manual processes.

Sammy EMR also offers a patient portal so that patients can check their appointments and health records. They can also view lab results and diagnostic reports. Patients can also book consultation appointments at their convenience. This helps to reduce no-show rates and increases patient engagement. By enabling patients to make appointments ahead of time, Sammy EMR patient engagement solutions help providers become more efficient and effective.

Sammy EMR also features an appointment booking system that allows patients to schedule appointments and obtain health records without leaving their homes. Patients can also request appointments, fill out intake forms, and view their medical records online. Sammy EHR also supports secure messaging, which is especially important in mental health clinics.


Pricing for Sammy EMR varies depending on features. Some systems are free while others charge a monthly fee of around $1,000. The best solution for your small or mid-size practice is probably one with a monthly fee of under $500. Some large healthcare organizations spend thousands of dollars on a subscription to an EMR solution, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before you make a decision.

Sammy EMR is cloud-based, which means you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection. You can even use your handheld device to access the software, which can make things easier when you’re on the go. Sammy EMR also allows you to view patient charts, attach images and fax reports. This helps you keep track of your patient’s responses and makes your job easier.

The software also features a patient portal where your patients can access their medical records, schedule appointments, and get lab results. It also lets patients book their appointments in advance, which will reduce the number of no-shows and improve patient engagement.

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