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All You Need To Know About Natural Hair Shrinkage

Every living creature is filled with anxiety and terror. Your arms ache from all the pulling and twisting required to remove your curls, and as a result, your hair appears much shorter than it is. Then you might feel helpless or even angry and wish there was a way to stop this from happening for good.

Natural Hair Shrinkage

The majority of the natural hair shrinkage happens as it becomes wet or dry. Your hair will appear considerably shorter than it is. Even though it may be irritating or even uncomfortable, this occurs frequently. That it shrunk at all indicates that your hair is healthy. It has sufficient moisture and is pliable, so it is less likely to break.

The form of your hair shaft is one of the three most important causes of natural hair loss. Regarding point two, the water that comes into contact with your hair is never hot.

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1. The natural form of your hair shaft

The follicle determines whether hair shafts are straight or bent. If the hair follicle is straight, the hair that grows from it will also be straightforward. If your hair follicle is straight, your hair will curl or coil as it grows, creating space for the strands to contract.

a girl with brown carliy hairs

2. Getting Wet Hair

Protein keratin composes human hair. Because of how salt, hydrogen, and disulfide interact with the proteins in our hair, it is resilient and flexible. The hydrogen bonds in the structure of your hair are disrupted when it comes into contact with water. This causes your hair to become less tight and curled. Now that your hair has reached a longer length, you can style it with less effort.

Thanks to hydrogen bonding, the new shapes of your hair are maintained after drying. When wet, your hair will return to its usual shape. This is especially true during humid weather and when using water-based cosmetics.

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How to Prevent Normal Hair Loss?

Regardless of how long your hair grows, it will always become shorter. But if you are very worried about the gradual thinning of your hair, you can do the following:

2 pics of hair lossing
  1. Organize that hair

At this point, you can use a diffuser or curling irons to smooth out your natural waves. However, you should not do it frequently because the heat from this equipment can cause split ends and hair breakage. Additionally, it is prudent to preserve the tools from heat before using them.

2 pics of hair lossing
  1. Sever the Ties That Bind

When it is tangled, the natural hair shrinkage happens to cause it to coil and mat. The length of your hair will be concealed by these knots, which are merely small balls of hair coiled tightly together.


  1.  Trends in Beds

Have you ever observed that braiding or twisting your hair before bed and then removing it in the morning makes it appear longer and more defined? This makes changing your style simple. Even if your braids or twists are not properly formed, wrapping them in a satin cap before bed will aid in their retention of shape.


You are now aware that a healthy mane is one in which the length is decreasing. Even though it might be annoying that your natural hair length is hidden, you should accept it as a normal part of wearing your hair in its natural state.


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