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The Place of Collaborative Learning in Classroom Practices


Collaborative learning refers to group learning. Unlike traditional learning, collaborative learning is a component of modern education and allows students to make groups according to their feasibility. The course instructor makes students’ groups and asks them to work on a respective project or assignment. In collaborative learning, students work in groups and get used to bearing each other’s flaws and resolving the issues collectively. In collaborative learning, assignments and projects are done effectively because when different minds combine makes a perfect outcome. The Place of Collaborative Learning in Classroom Practices

Collaborative learning was although a part of academics, but in online education, it became a more dominant and used method for learning because of the prevalence of coronavirus in 2020. In the covid-19 pandemic, when students and teachers were bound to commence the classes from their homes and home learning was made mandatory, educational institutions used the collaborative learning method for employees. Collaborative learning gives students a complete insight into different and related topics. Online education has provided students with online class help and online exam help if a student is busy with some important work, so he can even ask for online class help to take my online class for me

Collaborative learning is not only benefiting the students but teachers are also facilitated by it. In collaborative learning, teachers don’t have to check the work of individual students, but it can be checked and evaluated collectively. In group learning, weak students tend to study more effectively and can understand how their fellowmen deliver lectures. Hence, teachers must work less on penetrating lectures in their minds. Furthermore, when different minds collaborate, unique ideas are generated that are very helpful in critical thinking and problem-solving questions. 


In collaborative learning, students can reframe their ideas with the ideas of their fellowmen. A lot of software is being launched for collaborative learning in which students can not only collaborate with their fellowmen but with the pupils of different schools. This furthermore enhances their way of thinking and understanding things. In collaborative learning, students’ minds open wide, and they can think and grasp things in depth. In-depth analysis of various related topics also helps in professional development.

Collaborative learning helps build the skills of group work or teamwork, which is very helpful in professional life. It is the practice made by the students to build up themselves for their practical life. In professional life, organizations make groups and teams in which employees have to work accordingly in the same way teachers are developing the skills of teamwork among the students to make them vigilant and practice in the market. Conclusively when students in their practical life see the practice of teamwork, they would not feel something out of the box because they have already experienced the related thing that is collaborative learning. 


Although different schools and colleges have different ideas to infuse collaborative learning in classroom practices but the following are some of the strategies that can be implemented for effective practice of collaborative learning in the classroom;

  1. Give complex projects and assignments.

Create complex assignments and projects that need different students’ time. Assign the task to the group and ask them to solve it. When the students of different minds collaborate will come up with innovative ideas to solve the puzzle like an assignment. Students will do whatever is needed to complete the task superficially; when the students see that this is a very complex assignment and can hardly be solved alone, they accept their team and try to adjust to it to complete the task. Complex assignments also include other engaging tasks that need the collective creativity of the students. In collaborative learning, students with weak minds also feel shadowed when doing complex assignments. Give students the task of first identifying the problem, doing analysis and resolving it. These projects, like identifying the problems, need innovation and creativity. 

  1. Acknowledge students how to work as a team member

Collaborative learning is a sort of teamwork that needs proper student engagement and involvement. This is the responsibility of the teachers and parents too to develop team skills among their children so that they would be able to work in a team. There are a lot of students who love to work alone, but teamwork skill needs to be developed in them because they also have to work in reputable organizations working as a team. 

Following are some bullets to tell how students can develop teamwork skills in them;

  • Tell students about the merits of collaborative learning
  • Tell students that different minds when collaborate, fortune also works
  • Give students a good platform for collaborative learning and guide them to work accordingly. 
  • Develop communication and interpersonal skills among the students.
  • Assign maximum marks to the group work tasks
  • Build the ethical boundary for the teamwork
  • Make students habitual of listening more rather than speaking more. 
  1. Curtail the power of group leader

When students see that there is only one group leader to whom everybody is listening. The element of jealousy gets dominant among some students who also want to become group leaders. The authority of those teams must be in the hands of the respective course instructor so that everyone in the group would work equally and fairly, and there would be no chances of personal grudges. 

  1. Curtail free riding

Free riding means handing over self-work to the other group member or misusing the concept of teamwork. It is the responsibility of the teacher to set the targeted goal for each student and. Assign marks to it so that in the end, there would be no one to say that I was busy somewhere, so my friend did my task, otherwise this will eventually ruin the concept of collaborative learning. 


Collaborative learning is a good opportunity for students to explore themselves in several ways. It is also beneficial for the teachers as it minimizes their workload. If few strategies are implemented for collaborative learning in the classroom, it would have a practical effect


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