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Home Design Make it Modern Decide on your window cleaning method

Decide on your window cleaning method

If you want your windows to look spotless and crystal clear, you need to invest time and effort into honing your window cleaning skills. As you try to develop your skills, you may encounter challenges that you don’t know how to solve. Here are some helpful tips for solving problems you might encounter when cleaning your windows.


If you have to stretch your arms and body to reach certain areas of the window, you will feel excessive tension and will not be able to properly control the window cleaning tools.

The solution:

Before cleaning the glass, check your range. Look at the glass and move the wiper along the top and side edges without touching the glass. If you can easily reach the furthest corners of the window, you can start cleaning. On the other hand, you may not be able to reach certain parts of the window, so you will need to use a ladder or an extension. You may also need to clean a small area at a time.


When using tweezers to remove water and Erhvervsrengøring from the window, the tip of the tweezers may leave water marks. This can happen for a number of reasons. Solution: If you notice that the end of the rubber sheet is bent, move the brass clips further. Make sure the rubber sheet is flat and straight along the channel. If you notice that there is too much water on the tip of the rubber knife, wipe the knife with a towel. If you find that the vacuum cleaner is sucking up water around the edges of the window, wipe all the edges with a towel before vacuuming again.

Water Lines

Solution: If the rubber plate is damaged or worn, you can return it or replace it with a new one. If there is dirt or paint under the rubber sheet, wipe it off with a towel. Water lines can form due to the moisture on the windshield so that the wiper removes all the dirt. In this case, use as much water as possible to wash the laundry.

Compression Lines

The line is usually located in the center of the pass and is the same length and parallel to the scan. Occurs when standing in the middle of a cleanup pass. Solution: Move the clamps continuously during the transition. Don’t start asking in the middle of the window.

Vibration Paths

The sweeper can talk or jump as they pass through the aisle. Solution: A worn wiper blade can cause vibration and you can replace it with a new blade to get the wiper working again. Vibrations also occur if the glass is too dry. If so, moisten the glass with more water. Running the squeegee over the window may move it higher than the section already described. Keep the compressor within 5cm from the dry part of the window to avoid vibration.

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