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How to prepare for eyelid surgery?

Blepharoplasty is the third most common surgical procedure in the United States. Due to the proliferation of multiresistant microorganisms, optimization of sterilization methods is very important. Preservatives are harmful and can cause irritation, so be careful when choosing a preservative. It is best to do double eyelid correction in winter. This eyelid correction has many benefits; it enhances your personality and makes your vision clearer. This surgery aims to remove excess skin to make you look younger than ever. No matter how seriously you take it, you should always be well prepared for the procedure. Preparation for surgery is important for the patient. This surgery is called double eyelid surgery.

Check your medicines

Some of the medications you take may be an important part of your surgery and the supplements you take. Medications should be reviewed and discontinued during preparation for surgery and recovery. You should avoid taking medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen for two weeks before surgery. You should not be taking medicines like these often.


Using cigarettes in all their forms can harm your health and blood flow, so you should quit smoking. Effective blood flow is essential to the healing process before and after surgery. One month before the operation should be the last period of smoking pause. Quitting smoking can also have other benefits if you want to look younger, such as speeding up the ageing process. Smoking is a bad habit. Try to avoid it.

Support team

You should be spending quality time with your loved ones. You should make your routine with activities. Live with people close to them and spend time with them. With children, cooking and other daily things. Your family supports you the way no one does. Try to be with them as much as you can.

The course of treatment

Prepare for the healing process before scheduling surgery. You need a good place to rest. It can be very helpful, so you should eat it quickly. After surgery, there may be bandages that affect your vision, so it is recommended that you clean your eyes and remove the bandages.

Surgical method

Create skin

Currently, flap wrinkles are marked with a skin marking pen to indicate the degree of skin deletion in the absence of wrinkle regeneration. Raising the forehead to a higher position with enough stretch to open the skin of the upper eyelids emphasizes the upper limit of skin removal. As you move away from the eyebrows, the upper edge is visible.

Local anaesthetics and sedatives

It is commonly used in people undergoing upper eyelid surgery and does not always require general anaesthesia. Local anaesthesia is often performed as a wide, progressive subcutaneous injection along the upper eyelid folds.


Measuring the eyelid folds before surgery is important. In men, the eyelid crease is usually 6-8 mm above the lid margin. In women, the eyelid fold is slightly larger and is usually 8-10 mm. Measuring the lid folds can give an accurate picture of the operation.

Transport issues

The patient cannot go home alone. You have to adjust the comfort yourself. Driving will be a bit difficult. Book your trip on time. You can drive with good visibility. It’s going to be a little rough until everything is fine. Try to make a good convenience for yourself.

Postoperative medications

Know all the rules and be prepared. Patients need them, so they need an exact schedule for drug therapy. After surgery, the patient should be managed appropriately. Prepare for improvement and follow these points:

  • Prepare your home to help you recover.
  • Each patient has their own habits and resources, so think about what you need to do to make them comfortable.

Topics to consider include:

  • Perform important cleaning before surgery.
  • Take care of children and animals with the help of family and friends.
  • Prepare and freeze food before surgery for quick and easy access and preparation.
  • Stock up on fresh produce, as a balanced diet will help you recover.
  • Store your prescriptions, bottled water, snacks and other supplies by placing a table next to your bed or in a sitting area or an area where you will spend most of your recovery time.


Preparation for surgery is an important factor that no one overlooks. Therefore, we have marked some factors for performing surgery with proper preparation. You need to have a look at these factors briefly.

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