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If you are looking for good organic baby formula Canada, you should check out Holle formula. It uses milk that is Demeter certified organic, the highest level of organic certification in Europe. This ensures that the product is free of artificial sweeteners and GMOs, and respects the welfare of both animals and the environment.

Ingredients in Holle Stage 2

Designed for babies six months and older, Holle Stage 2 is free from gluten, artificial ingredients, preservatives, and other toxins. Its easy-to-digest powder formula contains a blend of organic ingredients and vitamins to build your child’s immune system. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids and is free of added sugar. Each box of Holle Stage 2 contains 600g of powder formula, so your baby will get just the right amount of nutrients.

Holle Stage 2 contains a blend of wholesome ingredients, including organic milk from Demeter-certified farms in Germany. It also contains organic maltodextrin starch, whey powder, DHA, and a blend of essential vitamins and minerals. It is GMO-free and suitable for both breastfeeding and exclusive bottle-feeding.

Non-GMO trimmings

The non-GMO trimmings in the Holle formula are a guarantee of the quality of this baby formula. Holle milk is produced by a non-benefit association called Demeter. The milk produced by this association is affirmed as natural and free of anguishing and dehorning. It also has 1% of Maltodextrin, which is regular corn starch.

Holle formula is also allergy-friendly and is formulated with regular properties that are important for newborn babies. It contains antioxidants and supports the natural infant growth process. The company also maintains strict standards for its ingredients. Its formulas contain a minimum of 95% organic ingredients. It also sources milk from grass-fed and biodynamic farms.

Organic cow’s milk is an important source of protein for infants. This is because babies’ bodies produce lactase, an enzyme that breaks down lactose into simple sugars. This makes the formula digestible for the baby. Holle formulas also contain maltodextrin, a naturally-based polysaccharide that’s gentler on the stomach.

Organic goat milk

Holle formula Canada organic goat milk stage 1 is a good option for babies who need a supplement to breast milk or exclusively bottle-feed. It is made of 99% organic ingredients and 1% vitamins and minerals, which are important for your baby’s growth and development. This organic milk is also a good choice for babies with cows’ milk allergies or special dietary needs.

Holle’s goat formula is made with organic whole goat milk. Compared to cow’s milk, goat milk is easier to digest. It has less Alpha S1 Casein milk protein, which is one of the main reasons why cow’s milk causes indigestion.


Prebiotics are essential for a baby’s health, but they are not found in all formulas. This is a big problem for many parents, and luckily, Holle formula Canada has a solution to the problem. Using probiotic supplements can help a baby’s immune system and ease colic.

Holle formulas contain high-quality ingredients, and they are all EU-certified organic. They also meet strict standards for animal welfare and ecosystem preservation. And because of their commitment to sustainability and biodiversity, Holle formulas are free from GMOs and other artificial ingredients. Hipp formulas are also organic, although the Comfort and HA varieties do not use protein hydrolysates.

Hipp formulas are more expensive than the Holle formula, but they contain prebiotics and plenty of omega-3 fatty acids. It is best to compare these two brands before choosing which one is best for your child.

Health benefits

Holle formulas are good for babies and are made without sugars or GMOs, two common ingredients in most commercial formulas. These ingredients can disrupt the normal function of the gut, causing the baby to be more susceptible to health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and ADHD. They may also affect a baby’s immune system and hinder the development of the brain. Holle formulas contain no sugars or GMOs, and parents report that they have noticed an improvement in their baby’s energy level, sleep-wake cycle, and bowel function.

Holle uses the highest quality ingredients in their formulas, sourcing the highest quality cow milk and goat milk from carefully tended farms. This milk and other ingredients are gently processed, preserving the essential nutrients and vitamins. They never contain synthetic ingredients or fillers. In addition, Holle formulas are GMO-free and certified organic.


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