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Is Facial Acupuncture The New Botox? 

People often twist their faces in anticipation of agony at the mere word of Facial acupuncture. Imagine how much worse they would react. When you inform them that you will insert acupuncture needles into their faces. Facial acupuncture has a long history, despite the current rise of interest in it. Acupuncture treatments for aesthetic reasons were mostly a luxury before. The Warring States period in Chinese history (475–221 BC). Often reserved for the Empress and the Imperial concubines for their beauty, health, and longevity. 1

Recent studies support the effectiveness of facial acupuncture for cosmetic outcomes. In 300 cases treated in China using aesthetic facial acupuncture. 90% of patients report noticeable benefits after only one course of treatment. according to a 1996 publication in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture. The results were smoother, more even-toned skin, more elasticity, less wrinkles, and general rejuvenation (not merely confined to the face). 2

However, acupuncture is not use only to address issues relate to beauty since Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes. That beauty comes from inside given the close connection between health and appearance. According to TCM, several meridians correlate the link between health and look. By either beginning or ending on the face, or by having branches that lead there. 3 For instance, inadequate Qi and blood flow to the face is often linke to facial skin discoloration. As a result, acupuncture may be use on specific acupoints distant from the face to treat pigmentation.

How can facial acupuncture benefit your skin and what precisely is it?

In order to do facial acupuncture, tiny, disposable acupuncture needles are insert into certain sites on the face, head, and neck. With an emphasis on face anti-ageing and facial rejuvenation, this is often done for cosmetic reasons. The skin’s firmness and brightness are caused by the protein call collagen. As we get older, its production decreases. Which may cause our skin to become less elastic and develop fine lines and wrinkles. The act of needling into the skin generates beneficial micro trauma, which promotes blood flow and collagen formation and helps cure and prevent the aging process. The strengthened and tightened face tissues contribute to the increased localized blood supply, which results in a radiant complexion. 4

[Facial acupuncture] decreases the signs of aging by rejuvenating the skin, bringing about a young glow, and cultivating Qi circulation, an increase in blood flow, the synthesis of collagen and elastin, balances Qi, and balancing internal zang fu organs.

It improves the radiance of the skin, rejuvenates the body, lowers stress, encourages overall health and well-being. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, age spots. And dark circles/bags lessens puffiness all over the face and under the eyes. Increases facial muscle tone; balances hormones. Clears acne and hormonal acne; tightens pores; and improves elasticity of facial muscles. We are  Best Facial Acupuncture Singapore you can click this link for service.

How might facial acupuncture improve your health?

In TCM, the whole system is see as a whole. And skin issues often represent an internal imbalance. In order to get a healthier complexion from inside. Facial acupuncture works to strengthen the body’s constitution and provide equilibrium to its internal environment. As a result, in addition to stimulating acupoints on the face. Acupoints on the hands and legs and other relevant acupoints on the body are also use. By doing this, the problem’s underlying fundamental cause will be addresse.

The exact acupoints are select base on the person’s underlying health problems and their unique aging issues. According to the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. Which was allegedly authored by a well-known Chinese emperor in approximately 2600 BC (Huang Di Nei Jing), The condition of the internal zang fu organs is connect to the complexion, hair, and skin. [3] Particularly, the lungs control the skin, whereas the kidneys control the hair. This medical classic also examines the connection between nutrition, health. And beauty and offers dietary advice for both Chinese medicines and foods.

Face acupuncture, unlike Western facial treatments, often takes time to work. It provides a comprehensive approach to addressing skin issues and is a personalized therapy based on the body’s general health. This will contribute to long-term improvements in the appearance and health of the skin and body. Such as a brighter skin tone. Less dark under-eye circles, and enhance skin suppleness leading to a sharper jawline. Similar to acupuncture, minor bruising is a frequent side effect of facial acupuncture, occurring around once every five sessions. Compare to other, more intrusive procedures, there is essentially little downtime associated with this face procedure.

TCM Acupuncture Slimming: Our mission is to educate people realize the significance of preserving their health. And to provide affordable Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy. It is our obligation to ensure that everyone is support in their pursuit of a high-quality, disease-free lifestyle and that their immune systems are improve.

Who should consider facial acupuncture?

Most healthy people may safely get facial acupuncture. But before beginning facial acupuncture. It is important to check with one of our doctors if you have skin infections. Open wounds, tumors, bleeding problems, major medical conditions, or acute illnesses. The session will concentrate more on bodily acupoints than facial ones in situations of severe acne.

How would a comprehensive facial acupuncture treatment plan look?

For the best outcomes, a recommended treatment schedule is 10 sessions, held 1-2 times a week. Following that, one might have sessions every 2-4 weeks to sustain the outcomes, depending on the state of their body.

The most important things are your health and appearance.

More than ten certified bilingual TCM physicians work for Oriental Remedies Group. Before being authorize to practice in Singapore, each of them underwent training in both biomedical science and TCM at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and in China for a minimum of 5-8 years. We have Doctor Poh in particular, who specializes in female attractiveness and infertility.

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