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Advantages and Limitations of Mentoring Learning


Whether to make it or not- this is often the problem that learners face regarding seeking education through distance learning. 

Well! In numerous states, distance learning programmes from open academies, online classes, and so on have allowed scholars who could not follow campus-based or full-time courses to achieve their academic objectives over the years.

Learners are often reluctant to seek higher teaching through distant learning because they are unsure of the advantages and limitations of this education type. Before determining whether you should seek a distance learning degree course or not, it’s a good idea to weigh the benefits and drawbacks.

Well! You should remember that distance education may not be an ideal option for every learner, but acknowledging its advantages and disadvantages can assist you in deciding if it is suitable for you or not.

 Advantages of Distance Learning

1. Able to do extra work or do a part-time job

Sophomores who select distance learning courses are not willing to leave their jobs but also want to continue their learning and education. So, for such individuals, distance learning comes as a boon.

And, to study, you can utilise your weekends or maybe after work every day. Accordingly, you can manage your timings and schedules. 


2. Get to preserve your money

You must be aware that the expense of any distance learning degree (whether online or offline) is considerably lesser than that of a regular course, for any distinct course may be particularly not more than that of an on-campus course. 

Learners striving for affordable options might register in a distant education programme.

3. Can save your time

Most importantly, you get to save time. You do not need to waste your time travelling to attend classes. Your classroom for a distance education course is just at your place, maybe your bedroom along with your study resources by the side of your bed or e-resources on the system. 

Learners not having enough time can easily go for this type of learning from the comfort of their own homes.

4. Can study according to your own speed

Returning to classroom teaching is scary for many students, and many often feel uneasy about asking a question or stumbling with any course, subject or topic in class. Well! Distance learning can assist you in this!

Everyone has their own rate of learning. Moreover, the main advantage of online learning is that you can learn and make it according to your pace. But, you need to be self-motivated and disciplined. 

When all are being taught together in a classroom, getting everyone on the same page is frequently challenging. Moreover, students are often too reticent to articulate their uneasiness in class. Now, this is where distance learning transcends the regular offline course schedules.

Furthermore, you can easily manage to study according to your wish-may, be much or maybe little as students get everything much ahead of time. However, if you need to ask questions or problems, you get discussion panels, faculty conversation spaces, and extensive help from the online provider of education learning. 

5. Study without limiting your place and time 

Yes, you can continue with your classes and course without thinking about any particular timing or place, except for attending a meeting or any online session through video conferencing. 

Moreover, you need not worry about sitting in the classroom. Rather, you can select your own place, that may be a garden, your room, any couch, or even your bed. 

Also, you can select your own time of the day to do so, which may be early morning or midnight time, whichever feels more productive to you. 

6. Acquiring acceptability as well as acknowledgement among firms

So, one must be happy to hear that distance learning has acquired approval and credit among the companies in due time. Well! This is good news for all who want to pursue their careers and continue their studies. 

Moreover, you must not be worried about it until the distance learning courses are certified. You should not be concerned as long as the remote learning programme is certified. 

The Distance Indian Council governs every distance learning programme in India for recruitment to offices and services of the Central Government. 

Furthermore, even Private companies now respect such type of education and even support seeking distance learning courses along with upskilling themselves in their profession. 

However, everything has two aspects: the pros and the cons. Also, any beneficial element to one learner may not be useful to the other. So, here are some limitations listed below regarding distance learning programmes. 

Limitations of Distance Learning

1. Major chance for distraction

As you have to answer, no professor or one is there to monitor you, and no communication with your peers to guide or direct you about your work. So this might lead to getting distracted from your work or even many chances of missing the deadlines.

Moreover, if you wish to meet your distance education course successfully, you need to stay updated, focused and motivated. However, distance learning can be useless if you procrastinate and then struggle to complete your work in the given time. 


2. Covered costs

Although the price of a distance learning programme you see is often lesser than that of a conventional thing, be ready for there might be any hidden expenses. 

For instance, if you are getting your distance education programme online, you may need to face any situation to pay some costs for having good internet or maybe buying the course, or maybe you need to buy yourself a web camera or printer. 

So, such things can add to your expenses which you might not have been aware of earlier. 

3. Complex technology

It can surely be a big disadvantage while doing a distance learning course to over-depend on technologies. 

Any wrong technology issue can cause disruption in your learning processes. Likewise, one’s learning can also get hampered if a learner is unknown of technical things. 

4. Lesser and damaging Faculty rate 

Distance learning is often considered not so good in terms of quality education guidance. In other cases, even if the professor is outstanding, they may feel uncomfortable teaching in a virtual or online mode of set-up. 

Also, there is a possibility that the technology is not always achieving and doing justice to what is actually needed to be delivered to students. So, in all those cases, the pupil may face losses. 

Moreover, distance teaching providers must remember it is not the technology but the capable and knowledgeable professors that act as a boon to the students.

5. Phases of doubtful credibility

While online and distance learning modes are attaining popularity, you can see some or more non-certified and fake degrees.

Scamming is in everything, and this distance learning programme is not an exception. Well! This truly damages the legitimacy of acknowledged distance education courses in the views of forthcoming employers.

6. Losing out of connecting possibilities

Pursuing a traditional degree advances beyond contact with teachers and important study resources. A remote learning course misses this vital aspect.

However, regardless of these sensed limitations, distance education is still attaining popularity, not only among learners but also the firms.


Well! Technological improvements and greater learning opportunities can easily help to overcome the difficulties of distance education. Well! One can do this by making the professors adjust to this new mode of education.

Also, despite its limitations, distance learning gives learners the convenience and flexibility of pursuing this degree with many learning opportunities. The immediate advantages of distance learning include allowing pupils to access numerous education resources at a much lower cost and expenditure. 

And, for the assignment purpose, one can seek the assistance of the assignment- from maths assignment help to economics assignment help.

Also, video conferencing devices improve the immersion of online education. This enhances the ability to receive and keep details of any particular subject or topic.

On the other hand, distance learning hinders social reference. It makes the usage of complex technologies necessary and the firms adversely notice this. So, the learners thinking of registering for certification or any graded course should consider the advantages and limitations to decide if it is the finest choice.

Kellen Woods
Kellen is a content writer, who has worked for various websites and has a keen interest in Forex and stock market. He is also a college graduate who has a B.A in Journalism.

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