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How to get more Twitter Followers

We analyzed the get one here Twitter accounts of 300 bloggers and marketers to discover what actually correlates with follower growth.

We used Follower Wonk to check the number of followers, number of tweets per week, total tweets over time and the likelihood of retweets.

Each of these correlates with follower growth at different rates. The findings might surprise you. Here’s the data.

Tweeting a lot DOES NOT correlate with follower growth.

The statistical relationship is very weak. Only 10% of the accounts that tweet a lot are growing fast get one here .
Getting retweeted DOES correlate with faster growth.
In 35% of cases, Twitter accounts that get retweeted a lot are also the accounts that grow fast. This suggests that being engaging does help.
Big Twitter accounts grow much faster.
Size matters a lot. The size of the following has a powerful relationship with the follower growth rate, much more than any other factor. Twitter accounts with large followings are the fastest growing accounts in 96% of cases.

Why do the big accounts grow faster?

It’s partly due to the design of get one here Twitter. From the moment you set up a Twitter account, it starts recommending accounts with large followings. It promotes these accounts in many places and ways.

And then of course, there’s the bandwagon effect, aka the conformity bias. A lot of followers? It’s gotta be good!

A large following is social proof. It’s evidence of legitimacy, even if that following is not an engaged audience. Even if a large percentage are fake.

No one checks for fake followers before clicking the follow button, right?

Regardless of the reason, it’s clear that big accounts grow faster.

So it’s a chicken and egg problem. The key to get one here getting more followers is to have a large Twitter following. But how do you get followers in the first place?

Here are ten ways to grow your Twitter following, from sketchy and spammy to human and high-touch.

  1. Auto Follow / Auto Favorite
    Rating: Spammy 🤖

When you follow someone or favorite a tweet, you appear in their notifications.

Some of them will notice you, check you out and follow you back.

This is the most common way to inflate a following fast get one here. It explains why a lot of random people may be engaging with you on Twitter.

These two activities, following and favoriting others, will gradually grow your account, but it’s slow …unless you automate it with a robot. Here are two tools for automating Twitter activity, so you can do social media without actually being social!

Note: We don’t use these tools. We aren’t recommending them. We are simply explaining one type of social media automation.

  • Hypegrowth – Follows other accounts for you
  • TweetFavy – Favorites people’s tweets for you
  • ManageFlitter – Unfollows people who don’t follow you back (manual)
  • That last one keeps your following / followers ratio in balance. So your account looks less spammy.

But these accounts are still easy to spot: lots of followers, the get one here followers and following numbers are almost the same …and often and there are very few tweets.

If you’re simply trying to grow your following, you’re actually looking for spam accounts like these. Follow them and they’ll follow back.

Your robot and their robot can be friends!

Of course, these tools will win you a mostly irrelevant, unengaged following. Not very social, but hey, it was easy, right?

  1. Manually follow, automatically unfollow

Rather than use a robot, you can do it by hand.

Spend a little time on Twitter every day and simply follow a bunch of people. Look for these Twitter users:

Anyone who looks likely to follow back (they have a close follower/following ratio)
Anyone with #followback or #TEAMFOLLOWBACK in their profile
Anyone with 10+ emojis in their bio, especially 🏆🏅🎯💰🔮🙌🌼🎧🎼

If the manual approach gets boring, you can find someone on Fiverr to do it for you.

  1. “The Yank”
    Rating: Sketchy

Here’s a way to create artificial fame. Use get one here your new autofollow/ followback robots to build up a large following of maybe 100k+ accounts. Then, on a sunny morning… unfollow everyone!

It’s known as the “mass unfollow” and here’s what it looks like. It’s also common on Instagram, not just Twitter.

Now, at a glance, you’ll appear to be loved by thousands …but you are quite picky about who you follow. You must be a rockstar. Put a velvet rope around your phone.

That’s the sketchy way to get 100k followers but only follow 10 people. Sure, you’ll hurt some feelings, but pseudo-celebrity has its price.

Interesting read: Chris Brogan (legitimate influencer and thought leader) did this back in 2011, partly as an experiment and partly to reduce direct message spam. He wrote about his experience here.

Now let’s move on to some more legitimate ways to grow a Twitter following

  1. Nail your profile picture
    Rating: No-brainer

You’re trying to be more visible. To stand out. They won’t follow you if they don’t notice you.

These are our best tips for social media profile pictures. Here’s a quick summary for visibility in Twitter, where competition for attention is fierce:

Warm colors stand out

The Twitter interface is dominated by cool colors (blues in the logo and UX) so warm colors stand out (red, orange and yellow). So a picture with

Faces are more prominent than logos

Be a person, if at all possible. Show your face and smile big for the camera.
Rectangular logos look tiny

Uploaded logos should have a square (1×1) aspect ratio. Upload a wide logo and it might be legible on your profile page, but too small to see in streams, where it’s squished down to 50 x 50 pixels or even 20 x 20 pixels in some places.

Put those together and you have a hierarchy for visual prominence in Twitter profile pictures. The profile pics at the top stand out much more, don’t they?

Followers, with benefits

If there are upsides to having a large Twitter following, they fall into a few categories. Each has their own factors in success.

Drive more website traffic? Yes, but only if……your followers are engaged. Twitter is a powerful source of traffic, but only if your followers care enough to pay attention.

If you have an auto-generated following or robots, you’re unlikely to capture this benefit.

Impress journalists and editors? Yes, but only if……you already have their attention. Generally speaking, some content creators are more likely to be impressed and more likely to use you as a source.

A large following is “social proof” which lends credibility in a PR context. This is a practical reason to want a large following.

Impress your friends? Yes, but only if……your friends are into that kind of thing.
But the real benefits of Twitter (and of all social media and the internet as a whole) is the connections between people.

It’s a powerful tool for research and networking, PR and influencer marketing. On Twitter, you can find almost anyone you can imagine already and start a conversation.

Kellen Woods
Kellen is a content writer, who has worked for various websites and has a keen interest in Forex and stock market. He is also a college graduate who has a B.A in Journalism.

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