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Hampi – A Complete Travel Guide


We had been wanting to visit Hampi for a while. The location has everything that could possibly entice us to visit it, including the legend of a lost kingdom, impressive examples of our country’s past architecture, and an untamed yet alluring landscape. The fact that Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage site was an additional attraction   So when we traveled to Karnataka this year, we had to include a stop at.

Where is the ancient city of Hampi?

The mythical and historic city of Hampi is situated in Karnataka. Hampi is roughly 365 km from Bengaluru and 380 km from Hyderabad. Therefore, the location is accessible from both Hyderabad and Bengaluru. The nearest town is Hospet. So, from Bangalore and Hyderabad, makes for a fantastic weekend getaway.

What is the fame of Hampi?

It’s a wonderland in Hampi. The area is similar to an open museum; all you have to do to discover its charm is wander around at your own pace. And be prepared to be surprised even in unremarkable locations because is endearing even in ruins. Therefore, we have put together a list of locations that you must visit while in Hampi.

Virupaksha Temple

The Virupaksha Temple, which is situated on the southern banks of the Tungabhadra River, is one of Hampi’s most notable buildings. The temple is hard to miss because it stands tall close to the marketplace. For all devotees of Shiva, it is a significant place of worship. The temple is a massive building that extends over a sizable area and has numerous smaller shrines, pillared halls, and gateways. The temple also features a fascinating engineering feat: visitors can observe how one of the earliest pinhole cameras operated here.

The Vijaya Vittala Temple

The extravagant Vijaya Vittala Temple is Hampi’s most magnificent architectural wonder. There are many halls, pavilions, and gateways throughout the temple’s sprawling complex. There are more ruins outside the main temple complex. It appeared as though a town had been constructed there. In actuality, it is the ruins of Vittalapura, a prehistoric town.

Hampi Bazaar

The old Bazar is located close to the current Hampi market. The Virupaksha Bazar is another name for the market, which is situated in front of the temple. Old pavilions that once served as markets line the sides of the street.

The Matanga Hills

The Matanga Hill is right in the middle, and from here you can see the entire city from above. Do not overlook seeing the breathtaking sunset from the Matanga Hills while visiting Hampi. This time, we didn’t see the sunset at Hampi because it rained a lot both evenings we were there.

2 day tour package to Hampi from Bangalore


We are delighted to invite those who enjoy the outdoors to take part in this Hampi Heritage Tour. The 2-Day Trip from Bangalore is available to travelers of all ages. So turn off your laptops so you can go somewhere new for the weekend. Hampi, which predates the city of Vijayanagara and is home to the Virupaksha Temple and a number of other ancient city monuments, is still a significant place of worship.

Schedule Day 0:

 The night before the chosen date

On July 21, pick up will begin at 8 p.m. in Bangalore. Hospet transportation over night

Day 1

Get ready and arrive at the Hospet by 5:00 AM. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that is present there. Breakfast will be served at 7:00 AM. Till 11 am, visit Thunga Bhadra Dam. Proceed to Hampi. 12:00 noon: Lunch. With a guide, explore the historical site. 6:00 pm: Sip tea or coffee. At 9:30 p.m., savor the ethnic vegetarian dinner. After that, unwind and turn in for the evening.

Day 2

Before leaving Stay, enjoy your breakfast. Later, proceed to Vittala Temple and stroll along Thungabhadra’s riverside. By 10:00 PM, arrive in Bangalore.

What time of year is ideal for visiting Hampi?

You can go to Hampi any time of year. However, the winter months are best because you need to travel around a lot. Additionally, the Festival takes place in November.

Some crucial advice:

  •  A visit to Hampi should ideally take three days. But you can visit the majority of the noteworthy locations in two days. We traveled to Hampi for two days and visited nearly all the sites. Unfortunately, because of the heavy rain that fell in the evenings on both days, we were forced to skip the Matunga Hills.
  • Most locations are open from dawn until dusk.
  • As you will be moving around a lot, dress comfortably. For this reason, shoes are crucial.
  • Allocate one day to exploring Hampi’s Anegundi side. This is also a wonderful location, I assure you. It’s impossible to describe how breathtaking the views are from the Anjaneya Hills and the top of the Durga Temple.

Did you enjoy the article? Please comment below with your thoughts. We’d be thrilled to hear from you. Additionally, get in touch with us if you need any assistance organizing your trip to Hampi.


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