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Plantable Mothers Day Card | All About Seed Embedded Paper

The trend of embedded seed papers is increasing considerably. Apart from supporting in reduction of plastic pollution, these eco-friendly cards are also meant to grow plants or trees for a greener planet. Some brands have started producing these papers in the form of plantable mothers day cards, wedding cards, birthday cards, etc. Through these papers, the users can express their love towards their special ones without making a harmful impact on the environment. 

What is Plantable Seed Embedded Paper?

This is environment-friendly paper made from recyclable materials. The good thing is that no tree is harmed during the production process of these cards. The seeds of flower plants like daisies are entrenched in the paper with the intention of plant growing after using the greeting cards. A person can keep the card as long as he/she wants and plant it eventually in the soil. 

How To Plant These Mothers Day Cards?

The plantable card is manufactured in such a way that when it is sowed in soil, the paper composts under suitable circumstances, and the seeds begin to sprout. Everyone wants to get the best results out of the sown plantable mothers day card. However, everyone may not be aware of the exact way to achieve that. Hence, these steps should be followed:

Plantable Mothers Day Card
  • Prepare

First of all, you need to fill the pot ⅔ with good potting soil. Tamp down the soil and add some more if required. The cards can be planted indoors or outdoors according to your preference. However, it is suggested that you don’t sow the cards outdoors if the weather is chilling or hot like hell. 

  • Plant

Take your plantable card and sow it in the pot filled with the required soil. You should make sure that the paper is wet before sowing. Scatter a 1/8 inch layer of soil over the mothers day card pieces and tamp down delicately.

  • Watering

After plating the card in the pot, you need to fill it with water. How it should be noted that paper pieces and soil need to be soaked properly rather than swimming in the water. During the initial 10 days, you must keep the soil moist 24*7. Enough water is required in the process of the seed detaching itself from the paper. Be careful that paper must be fully perished before sprouting. It will be great if you plant the mothers day card in a sunny corner in the home. 

  • Let it Grow

Now, when germination starts, keep the soil moist all the time. However, do not overwater the planted card. Once you see the strong buds, let the plants grow freely and water as required. 

  • Have Enjoyment!

Once the flowers start growing properly, you can keep them there or can shift them to another pot. Be cautious. Extract the plant gently, assuring the goodness of the roots (do not tug on the stem), and transplant it to a larger pot, watering abundantly to cohesion the soil. It can be a great pleasure to see the beautiful flowers coming out of the lovely card you receive from your dear ones. 

Additional Tips

The growth of the flowers depends on the quality of the soil and the weather. Hence, in some conditions, it may take 2-3 months to see your favorite card turned into charming white, purple, blue, and pink daisies. Be patient and keep taking care of the plants properly. 

In Final Words

It is a great idea to grow plants or trees out of the cards rather than throw them in the dustbin. Receiving a plantable mothers day card can be a delightful moment, and then getting enticing flowers out of it is the cherry on the cake.


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