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Home Decorating How to Set up an Aesthetic and Functional Office at Home?

How to Set up an Aesthetic and Functional Office at Home?

We often have to work from home. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange a space that will serve as our office, whether in a separate room or a corner of the bedroom or living room. You must bet on the layout and decoration to make the room pleasant and functional. Follow the tips below for creating your office.

Wall and floor coverings in harmony

For your personal home office, you can break away from the typical corporate white color. Paint the walls with a pastel or natural color. You also have the possibility of applying wallpaper or a wall sticker with one or more patterns. In addition, if you like to write on a board, opt for an erasable white wall covering. If the office is in the living room or in the bedroom, it is better that this space stands out from the rest of the room. If the living room is white, then the office part should be blue, grey, beige, etc. 

For the floor, choose coverings in agreement with those of the walls. Lay a neutral color coating (white, beige, or brown). So you can change the wall covering without having to renovate the floor.

laptop front in chear for working

Comfortable table and chair

Comfort must take precedence over design in the choice of furniture. To avoid back pain, choose a chair that adapts to your position, preferably an adjustable model. Also, if you have to turn around often or move documents from one table to another, opt for a chair with wheels. Also, opt for a leather chair with metal legs. 

As for the surface of the table, it must be sufficient to be able to place your computer, the documents you need at hand, as well as your telephone.

Aesthetic storage spaces

Optimize storage space. Depending on your needs, take open and closed storage. Closed spaces are for confidential files and objects that you don’t want to be exposed to. Open storage is for classifying books and decorative items. To lighten the room, arrange more open storage than closed storage. Place closed storage on the sides, one meter from your chair. Open storage, on the other hand, can be installed on the wall above or next to the table. In addition, you can place a drawer unit below the table. Note that the colors of the storage units must be in harmony with those of the table and the chair.

small room for office work

Pleasant lighting

Lighting is an important part of the office. Put your desk in front of the window to take advantage of daylight. Do not forget to install blinds or curtains. These will help you when the sun is beating down. Also, you need to install effective artificial light sources to be able to work at night. Install overhead lighting to illuminate the entire room. Also, buy lighting with an articulated arm. Place it not far from your computer. If you are left-handed, install the lamp on the left, if you are right-handed, put it on the right.

Decorative objects to your liking

Decorate your office as you wish. Put some flower pots and vases in it. Greenery is trending right now. Bet on artificial plants, they do not require maintenance. On the walls, hang paintings with quotes that inspire you. Also, put a mat on the floor. It will protect you from the cold.

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