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What is The Process At The Point of Sale?

point of sale is essential used in retail business. Various steps are required to make a sale possible, which we call the “point-of-sale process”. POS process is really defined as the steps taken in point-of-sale systems to ensure secure transactions when selling goods or services to customers.

You may be wondering what exactly those steps are?

The answer… depends on the type of POS system you are using!

To give you a better understanding, In this article we will Discuss two point-of-sale system: the traditional point-of-sale process and the new point-of-sale process.

Traditional process at the point of sale:

  1. Selling.
  2. Receipt printing.

New Point of Sale Process:

  1. Preparation of point of sale software.
  2. Promotion.
  3. Selling.
  4. Delivery of confirmation.
  5. Automatic data update.
  6. Supplier orders.

Traditional Process at the Point of Sale

Many merchants still use a classic cash register as a point of sale. In these cases, the process is quite simple due to the limited features. Many of the tasks required to manage a store are outside of point-of-sale systems.

The Traditional Process at The Point of Sale then Looks Like this:

1- Sales

The pos software process begins when the customer is ready to buy. The clerk scans the items to find the prices at the register to determine the total cost of the purchase.

Once all items are listed in the system, the sales step is completed with the customer paying for their purchase. The clerk then takes the money and is ready to begin the second and final step of the traditional point-of-sale process, which is printing the receipt.

2- Print the Receipt

After completing the transaction, it is important to give the customer proof of purchase. we will provide receipt is then printed and given to the customer. The store room also keeps a thousand copy of the receipt for its reports and for the accounting team.

These two steps are part of the traditional point-of-sale process using a basic cash register. Now let’s dive into the new point of sale process!

A New Process At The Point of Sale

A traditional cash register works well enough, but there are new and more powerful point of sale systems: POS software. Designed to make life easier for retailers, point-of-sale software has additional features that are very useful.

Obviously, each point-of-sale software has its own functions. Some may be more suitable for you than others! In this article we will discuss use a POS software that we know very well here: Development Pioneer POS. This software is intended for retail use. Its functions are then built for the needs of sellers. Restaurants, hotels, and bars may have different needs that will not be covered in this article. Just keep in mind that the new point-of-sale process is complex and dependent on the capabilities of the POS software.

A new point of sale process like the one found in Develpoment Pioneer POS looks like this:

It’s not hard to see that there are many more steps in this process than the traditional point-of-sale process. Let’s know more about each of these steps.

1- Preparation of the software at the point of sale

Before using the point of sale software, it is important to do the initial setup and preparations. The first step is to import all your inventory into the software, configure pricing and provide personalized access to employees. Looking For POS Software in Saudi Arabia

2- Promotion

Did you know that good and powerful POS software can help you promote your store to new customers? Indeed: it is possible to create special offers and promotions in POS software. With a good POS, you can also connect your retail store with an online store to reach an even wider audience!

3- Sales

It wouldn’t be a point of sale process if it didn’t involve… selling! In the new point-of-sale process, this step is similar to the step in the traditional point-of-sale process that we described earlier. Only, it’s better!

Once the customer is ready to make a purchase, the POS registers the items, just like a regular cash register. But that’s not all: good point-of-sale software had other features that made your job even easier.

For example, Development Pioneer POS has a cross-selling feature that helps the retailer sell more. Depending on the purchase, the software will suggest related products that are often sold together. It’s a great way to easily increase sales and show your expertise!

An important feature found in most point of sale software is the ability to offer different payment methods like debit card,Credit cards Ec. Nowadays, customers are used to being able to use different payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards and PayPass. With POS software, you can offer many payment methods that will delight your customers!

4- Delivery of confirmation

Once the transaction is complete, it’s time to hand over the receipt to the customer! With point-of-sale software, you can offer different types of invoices: paper or digital.

Customers are increasingly concerned about the environment and want to reduce the amount of waste. Offering digital receipts is a great way to do this! It’s also cheaper for retailers because it uses less paper.

5- Automatic data update

An important step of the new process at the point of sale is the automatic updating of data in the system. Tasks that used to be done manually are now done automatically, with less effort. This is what makes POS software so useful!

When an item is purchased in your store, the inventory is automatically updated in good point of sale software to download the quantity sold. Traders always have access to up-to-date information! With POS software, the days of manually counting items for inventory are long gone.

The point-of-sale process covers part of the business management. Traders then have more time for other tasks!

6- Orders of Suppliers

With inventory automatically updated based on sales, it’s easier to know when it’s time to restock! The final step in the new point-of-sale process is placing orders with suppliers.

A good point of sale software will not only help you track your sales, but also your suppliers’ orders! This step is different for each software. In Development Pioneer POS, retailers can create a list of items from the inventory list and send this order to their suppliers. For some suppliers, it is even possible to link catalogs with price knowledge and synchronize orders and their status directly in Development Pioneer POS.

As you can see, the point of sale process depends on the type of POS you are using, either a traditional one with a simple cash register or the latest with point of sale software. POS software is more complex and therefore more powerful. Retailers can do more in less time by automating parts of the process.

Kellen Woods
Kellen is a content writer, who has worked for various websites and has a keen interest in Forex and stock market. He is also a college graduate who has a B.A in Journalism.

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