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Types Of Cardboard Boxes

It’s no secret that Custom cardboard boxes are a staple of the retail industry. The cardboard industry relies on increased recycling to stay in business. But how can consumers help reduce the amount of cardboard they throw away? To answer that question, we need to examine the different types of corrugated cardboard, including Single-face, Double-wall, and Center-special slotted containers. And we need to look at different types of packaging for each type.

Corrugated Cardboard

While there are several types of corrugated cardboard boxes, some of the most common are telescope boxes, slotted boxes, rigid boxes, folders, and interior forms. While they all provide excellent protection for the contents within, knowing the most common styles allows you to get the most bang for your buck. Some variations of these boxes include flap sizes, box widths, and lengths. The great thing about corrugated boxes is that they can be assembled easily and are very lightweight, so shipping expenses are lower.

Most corrugated boxes are recyclable, making them an excellent choice for packaging consumer goods. You can recycle them yourself at your local recycling center, and they can be reused for many purposes. Not only can you store household goods inside them, but you can also ship gifts or take them with you when you move. They are also a great option for craft projects, especially if you are environmentally conscious. So, if you have a few boxes laying around, why not use them?

Double Wall Corrugated Board

The term “double wall” refers to a box with two layers of fluted board glued together and an outer layer of cardboard. Each layer is covered with one more ply of paper, providing excellent mechanical support to the box. A similar structure is also used for shipping purposes and pizza delivery boxes. For more information, see the Wikipedia article on the double wall corrugated board. Further, this type of box is often referred to as a “triple wall”.

A corrugated board with an inner liner is known as a double wall box. Double wall boxes offer more protection, especially when stacked. The material used to make double wall boxes is the BC flute, which is a combination of B-flutes and C-flutes. Triple wall corrugated board boxes feature three flutes instead of two. They are perfect for heavy-duty applications. Depending on your needs, you can order custom-designed boxes to meet your specific specifications.

Single Face Corrugated Board

Corrugated board is often used in packaging and comes in a variety of styles. Some types have an outer liner, and some are made with a single face. Single-face corrugated is ideal for packaging products that require high-quality printing. Corrugated board is also available with food-grade cushion pads that add a luxurious touch. Read on to learn more about the advantages of single-face corrugated board boxes.

Corrugated box styles include regular slotted containers, telescope boxes, and self-erecting cartons. They all feature flaps that meet in the center. The flaps are half the width of the box and meet at the center when folded. The flute direction may be perpendicular or parallel to the length of the sheet. They are reliable and flexible and are often used for standard packaging and shipping. You can also choose from HSC, OSC, and CSSC.

Center Special Slotted Container

The Center Special Slotted Container is the perfect choice for cardboard boxes. Its dual-layer design features flaps of different lengths that overlap in the middle. This unique design provides a level base for your product and prevents unnecessary waste of corrugated material. With double-sided flaps, the Center Special Slotted Container can handle three-layer cardboard boxes. Its special design also provides a patented level base for your product. There are two types of center special slotted containers: overlap and side. The first is the most common and has the smallest flaps, while the other has a larger flap than the other two. Both types are sturdy and versatile. Overlap and side special slotted containers are similar, but the outer flaps meet in the center. Overlap slotted boxes have a greater overlap than the sides, but are typically used for items that require rough handling.

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