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Guide to Find the Best Tourist Spots in Cape May

There’s a good reason Cape May, New Jersey, used to reign supreme among seaside resorts. The town’s saline marshes and charming beaches serve as a safe haven for migrating birds. Additionally, Cape May is a treasure mine of beautifully maintained Victorian structures. it give the impression of being an outdoor museum where tourists may discover the fascinating history of the town. And create priceless seaside memories. There are a lot of enjoyable Things to do in Cape May, NJ.

An exhilarating water park and an outdoor living history museum that takes you back in time. The era of horse-drawn carriages and newly constructed railroads are just two of the town’s many attractions. It possesses all the characteristics of a classic American vacation and then some.

Experience the sandy beaches

A day spent having fun at the beach is the epitome of summer. It’s one of the best things to do in Cape May that the whole family can enjoy. Families can also have a delicious crabcake sandwich at the Sunset Grill while exploring Sunset Beach and searching for Cape May Diamonds along the pristine shore. Fans of hermit crab racing and kite flying should visit Wildwood Beach, which annually organises a number of competitions.

Take a Dolphin and Whale Observation Cruise

Enjoying the sun and all that the ocean has to offer is the finest thing to do in Cape May. This involves going on a tour to see dolphins and whales in order to discover more about these magnificent species. Three-hour tours of the bay are provided by Cape May Whale Watcher, and the Whale Watcher Research Center also arranges tours on its own. Guests can board the American Star and set out on an enjoyable tour with marine scientists who are professionals in their field.

Take a trolley tour of the Underground Railroad.

The trolley tours of the subterranean railroad must be included in any list of things to do in New Jersey. These excursions are designed to amuse and inform tourists about Cape May’s lengthy and varied history and the crucial role it played in the early 1850s. There are a variety of tours available, including guided tours of the historic district and its numerous wood-framed structures that previously served as slaves’ safe houses.

Safari in Salt Marsh

Without visiting the nearby bird magnets, no trip to New Jersey is complete. These magnets are none other than Cape May’s salt marshes, and pontoon boats are the greatest means of transportation for exploring them. Visitors can take eco-cruises on The Skimmer operated. By The Wetland Institute to learn everything there is to know about Cape May’s ecosystem. Bird watchers from all over the world come to the salt marshes to observe the diverse population of fish and bird species that call them home.

Shorebird and Horseshoe Crab Festival in the Spring

This phenomena, which takes place every spring when the city welcomes thousands of shorebirds who flock to its warm beaches and horseshoe crabs emerge from the ocean to deposit their eggs in the sand, is one of the most well-known attractions & best things to do in Cape May NJ. The Wetland Institute hosts a variety of entertaining conservation activities to celebrate. During the Spring Shorebird and Horseshoe Crab Festival, all of these activities take place.


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