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Do You Think Custom Cone Sleeves Help Your Brand Image?

Customers are enticed by the aromatic flavor of the yummy and luscious cones and are compelled to purchase. But don’t underestimate the value of luscious cones in terms of brand image. As a result, you should use custom cone sleeves to help your brand grow. Some ice cream vendors believe that any type of cone sleeve is best for packing ice cream cones. However, they are unable to distinguish between premade and customized paper cones.

custom cone sleeves

Premade cone sleeves and magazine paper cone sleeves are extremely inexpensive and do not allow you to select any specific piece of packaging. As a result, you should use custom ice cream cone sleeves that allow you to customize each part of your cone sleeves based on the product and customer demand. Customization provides you with numerous options for making such cone sleeves best for your brand and boosting your brand’s ranking in the industry.

  • Optional Material Size Printing
  • Color of the Content Add-On Logo

Let’s take a look at how customized cone wrappers can help you rule the industry while staying within your packaging budget.

Quality Paper Is Used To Make Custom Ice Cream Cone Sleeves.

Established and small businesses alike must select high-quality, heavy-duty paper for ice cream cone sleeves. Furthermore, this material has polythene linings that create moisture barriers while securely holding your cone. In addition, ice cream cone sleeves with logo suppliers cardboard, Kraft, and bux board stock, which are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. They are more engaging when they have appealing visuals.

Attractive visuals elevate your custom ice cream cone wrappers to the next level for your target audience. For your cone sleeves, you can experiment with intricate lines, floral patterns, polka dots, abstract shapes, and symmetrical designs. However, for your waffle cones, you can use a typeface design with unique font shapes and styles. Add a color gradient to make your sleeve cone more perfect and appealing to your target customers.

Colorful Waffle Cone Sleeves Spread Your Company’s Message

Every color conveys a different message, so select the most appropriate color to represent your brand with custom ice cream and custom-printed cone sleeves. In this regard, you should request that your supplier print accurate shades with CMYK and PMS color models. Pink, for example, represents the softness and kindness that demonstrate your brand’s generosity or concern for customers. Furthermore, the blue color conveys the brand message of how you keep your products and packaging updated, which attracts customers. As a result, you can select from the available shades.

  • earthy hues
  • Pinks
  • Bare skin
  • Muted tones
  • Citrus tones

Cone Sleeves are available in a variety of sizes.

Printed Information Lends Credibility To Your Product.

You cannot explain premade cone sleeves by mentioning any single detail on them. In comparison, if the brand opts for customized cone sleeves that include the brand name, logo, flavor name, and a variety of other options to make them informative and communicative. 

If you want your product to look a certain way and target a specific audience, there is no better option than customization! Experiment with different shapes and sizes of cone sleeves, ranging from standard conical styles to funky pyramid styles. Aside from that, you can add more colors to make the overall theme look more cohesive and beautiful. Make your ice cream cone sleeves’ paper leak-proof and smudge-free.

custom cone sleeves

How Do You Create Perfect Custom Cone Sleeves For Your Delicious Ice Cones?

Custom waffle cone sleeves packaging comes in a variety of sizes and shapes; however, standing out from the crowd necessitates extra effort. This means that you must create a cone sleeve that is visually appealing enough to catch the attention of any passerby. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes; better yet, pretend you’re a buyer and consider what would entice you in ice cream packaging. After you’ve completed this beneficial drill, try to unleash your creativity and design the cone sleeves exactly as you imagined.

Another important way to leave an impression is to do something out of the ordinary. You can accomplish this by making a minor change in your packaging strategy. Green, aside from being beautiful, can make all the difference when making your cone sleeves wholesale.


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