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How to Successfully Navigate Your EHR Vendor Relationships

With the nearly full transition to electronic health records (EHR) being reached across the country, by 2025 global markets are projected at $33 billion. This is thanks largely in part due government initiatives. Which has pushed for this change and given us more time so that we don’t lose any lifesaving data!

Gone are the days when a physician owner or practice administrator was alone in making decisions about their new EHR, according to Ericka L Adler. In today’s world of healthcare administration, there is often more than one person with influence and input. On how an organization operates. This includes staff members who work at your clinic as well!

Healthcare providers need to strategize how they will participate in programs like MACRA and the Quality Payment Program. In order for these partnerships, vendors have created new system offerings with certified EHR company. That is vital if you want your organization to be able to provide care under them or else risk losing out on funding altogether!

Maximizing vendor relationship opportunities throughout an EHR lifecycle is vital to your organization’s success. Here are four tips for maximizing these potentials and ensuring that you’re not missing out. On any opportunities by switching or optimizing current systems!

1. Create A Cross-Disciplinary Negotiation Team

The goal of this committee is to think cohesively about the organization and strive for process integration. A primary responsibility within their role, stakeholders must incorporate input from all organizational areas impacted by a new system. While gaining insight into clinical processes as well as financial or operational ones if they are able!

Furthermore, legal and consulting professionals can help to strategically maneuver contract language in your favor. This will allow you the opportunity of achieving an EHR agreement without any hiccups along the way!

Vendor negotiations are a cross-disciplinary team effort. Appoint one person to serve as your lead negotiator and he or she must remain professional, avoiding emotional responses while outlining the contracting process upfront with clear deadlines that include accountability if they’re not met!

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2. Think Realistically Beyond the Sales Cycle

The first thing that should happen after a sales process is documentation. This includes communicating expectations to everyone. In order for there be no surprises later on down the road and also to have mutually agreed upon timelines. So, everything can go accordingly as planned or better yet, exceed your expectations!

The current state analysis of your organization is not aligned with the vendor’s future projection. This can lead to missing must-haves being identified up front, which will ultimately affect end users’ ability to successfully use their software. Without meeting these requirements in some way or another by holding both sides accountable for achieving this list while keeping them informed throughout it all through documentation and communication channels like email newsletters etc., so that there are no surprises once implementation begins!

Customizations and wish-list items should be built into the implementation from day one. This will give your team more control over their future updates. While also making sure that end users know what’s going on with any changes made along the way!

3. Get Everything In Writing

There’s something about signing a contract with your EHR vendor that makes physicians at smaller practices trusty. So much so they often just sign it without even looking over the fine print and getting back from their lawyer first, according to Adler.”

“I know it’s hard to trust, but that sales person is making you all kinds of promises. The reality may not match their words.”

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This is a huge problem with ICD-10 and meaningful use. With these new rules, physician practices were still paying for their EHRs while the vendor had no obligation to provide updates. An issue that has now been corrected thanks in part to Adler’s efforts on behalf of physicians everywhere!

4. Have an Exit Strategy

Make sure you are crystal clear about who owns the clinical data before signing any contracts. Data is a resource, and it should be specified in your agreement from day one!

Having a lucrative and long-lasting best emr for small practice contract can be crucial for the success of any practice. To make sure that this happens, it is imperative to ensure you are looking at all possible angles when negotiating with vendors. So as not find yourself locked into one system without future flexibility or cost implications if something changes!

5. Establish A Milestone Driven Payment Schedule

The EHR vendor should be clear about what they owe to the practice, and when. It’s important for practices not only to know how much it will cost them in total. But also if certain payments need making at specific times or intervals throughout their contract period so that there are no surprises come bill time!

“Vendors want you to work with a specific consultant, so they can coordinate training. Make sure the time and resources are there for your program’s needs-especially if it’s an automated system! It takes about six months from start-up until full capacity,” said Adler.”


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