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Most Popular Turkish Drama Series Kurulus Osman Got Global

The most famous and most watched Turkish drama serial got global popularity in the Covid Era. Let’s Know about the characters, episodes, and seasons of this historical drama. Mehmet Bozdağ created this drama and Burak Özçivit is the main character in this series Osman Ghazi. The main point of this series is the life Osman who is the founder of Ottama Empire. In 1258, Osman, the man of God was born in Sogut. This TV show Kurulus Osman includes Osman Ghazi’s internal and external whole life struggles.

Family Relations

Osman Ghazi was the founder of a Turkish State in place of  Anatolia which is located in northwestern is gauge as the leader of the state in Ottoman Turkish. 

Why Kurulus Osman show got fame?

Kurulus Osman drama serial is the best heart-wrenching drama that got popularity all around the states. This series represents a virtual and poised person’s life-based story who is brave like his father was.

  • Ottoman Empire authorship illustrates Osman as a semi-holy person. He was a religious person who leads a religious life. He was the one who had achieved a state of perfect enlightenment. He respected every person as a human with dignity and honor.
  • Influential to Osman success was his ability to enchant other Ghazi warriors to fight under him.
  • In December 2019, fascinating record views on ATV, in the time of the fourth weekend of broadcast and the 4th episode of this Tv show recorded a countrywide rating of 14.46. said that this series of loyalty is the favorite one in every State.
  • This drama series was filmed in Istanbul in the village of Riva. Most people like the graphics, voices, and every effort that puts into this show.
  • The theme of the series motivated and refreshes the mind of these drama fans as they see a true leader. Osman Ghazi was fair, brave, and gracious. He helped the poor people. Mostly he gave his own new clothes to the poor.
  • The drama shows the historical role of the Ghazi was that of a tribal leader. Osman Ghazi is the one who always struggles to stick his State together.


This Popular Drama Series won a lot of awards. Here below is the list:

  • In Istanbul University club of 61 Golden Awards, won the Best Male Actor of the year in 2020.
  • In 2021, this drama won three more awards:
  • Film as the Best Producer of the year
  •  Kurulus Osman as the Best Television Series of the year
  • And again as the Best Male Actor of the year, Mehmet won awards again as the Best producer and Best Male  Actor in 2021.

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