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The Best Halloween Costume Nails in 2022

There are three kinds of people living in the universe: people who get up in advance for Halloween by preparing realistic and elaborate costumes, people who plan their outfits at the final minute, and those who do not dress up in any way. As thrilling as large and bold costumes can be, however, there are more subtle ways to celebrate Halloween Costume Nails whether that’s getting somewhat darker and dramatic with your regular makeup or switching to a festive Halloween manicure at home.

The second most likely source of ideas is Instagram. With numerous amateur and professional nail artists posting their works, the possibilities are limitless (we refer to it as well). For your convenience, we’ve chosen the top 39 attractive ideas.

Stellar Spiders

The tiny spiders and the starry skies are genuinely out of the world. They’re the perfect pick for Halloween. And lucky we are that these require an instrument, nail polish and a few gems to make them come to life.

Realistic Spiders

If you’re looking to go to a new level of horror, make this manicure in a negative space that resembles spiders crawling across your nails. They’re more complicated. However, they’re still achievable. Make sure you have an acetone bottle close by for any repairs.


It’s ghostly but undoubtedly cool. If you’d like to try it, apply Essie Nail Polish In Blanc as the base, and then add two gunmetal dots in the center.

Marbled Blood Red

Take inspiration from your costume’s theme to create the latest trend of a blood-red, marbled manicure. Nothing says vampire more than fangs or a creepy pair of coffin-shaped stilettos or acrylics.

Sea-Inspired Set

Blue rounded tips inspired by the sea are ideal for any mermaids or mermen this Halloween. A bare-footed manicure with the crashing waves and gulls fluttering across the sky is sure to make you not feel like you’re a fish thrown out of water.

Neon Necromancy

The metallic black to purple gradient on this super long, pointy manicure is perfect for the gothic vibe of Halloween all on its own. However, Houston nail artist Christie Schober elevates it to a new dimension with her neon-green designs. Spider webs, moons, smile drips, snakes and more stand out in fantastic contrast to the dark base color.

Ghoulish Galaxy

This gorgeous manicure by nail artist from California, Sabrina Fagundes, is an imaginatively witchy approach for you to honor Halloween. It is proof that any shade you’re looking for, such as this periwinkle-like dusty hue, is a good choice for a creepy manicure if you embellish it by adding details such as eyes, snakes and the night sky.

Nightmare before Christmas Nails

The Houston nail art artist Kristin Cornett, a nail artist from Houston Kristin Cornett, a Houston-based nail artist, tells Allure that this Halloween-themed manicure is inspired by the iconic ’90s horror movie, The Nightmare before Christmas. 

If you don’t have a fine fingernail brush (like this $8 one on Amazon) available, it is possible to use eyeliner with a pointed tip to achieve the same look. The one that comes from Morphe can work just fine.

Boo Nails

The nail artist from California, Jordan Aleccia, is the genius behind this scary manicure. Every little detail, like the heart-eyed pumpkin and the ghost’s tongue, makes this manicure stand out from the regular.

Mismatched Halloween-Themed Designs

For those who aren’t sure, this cheerful design that features face-free witches, black and neon-colored stripes, and a cauldron (and other fun Halloween-themed elements) is an absolute must-try. You can recreate it using a sticker. If you’re ready for the challenge, you can try it by hand using the detail brush (like this one).

Nail in the Coffin

Coffin nails, literally. Form your nails carefully using the nail file, and then apply opaque black nail polish. Let the polish dry before adding lines and accents of gold.

Back Stabber

Suppose nails were able to be deadly! Apply sharp silver knives to stiletto nails that are clear for the perfect murderous manicure. Bonus points if you have your knife for dressing up.

Halloween Night

For nail artists with excellent painting skills, Try this creepy and detailed design with candles and cobwebs. If you’re new to nail art or just starting, you might want to get some assistance from an expert.

Scream Nails

Image source –

Like the other nails on this list, this one is a tribute to a classic Halloween film that was the film “Scream”. One pin features Ghost face’s iconic mask, while on the other, nails are perfect blood drips that could symbolize the brutal killings he committed. The nail art is beautiful and sinister, exactly like Halloween is supposed to be!

Demonic Nun Halloween Nails

The scarier, the more terrifying! One of Halloween’s most enjoyable aspects is how we embrace our weird fascinations in films and the media. So why not make a mark on your nails? The combination of demon nun faces, religious symbols, and blood splatters will surely bring you goosebumps.

Lord Drip Halloween Nails

What a creepy idea! This simple application on white pointed nails can be a powerful one. It’s a great final touch to your vampire costume. Pro tip Add a bit of black nail polish to the nail beds and at the edges of the drips to provide further depth.

Jack-o’-Lantern Halloween Nails

Nothing says quite and quiet Halloween Costume Nails as a row of jack-o’-lanterns in one row. This year, every “facial expression” is unique. Free-handing could be a significant problem for new people; reduce the design and test your skills with the stamping tool.

Monsters and Mummies Halloween Nails

The cartoon-like characters are ideal for adults as well as kids. Each nail is made unique by breaking down the design into elemental forms. Dotting tools are helpful when you paint the eyes.

Bloodshot Eyeball Halloween Nails

Check out this video instruction to discover how you can get the creepy bloodshot eyeball appearance. Be aware that you may think someone is constantly looking over your every move. Go for this nail when sporting the Jack Skeleton costume from Nightmare before Christmas. Scientists’ labs, stripes and pumpkins aren’t Halloween without this. 

Gucci Snake

This Gucci-inspired snake nail art by Hang Nguyen looks almost too unique. It’s all in detail. We cannot stop looking at the dazzling, translucent, lacquered body, the sparkling red ribbon that runs through the snake’s body, and the tiny tongue split into two.

Disco Ghosts

The adorable little ghosts grace the edges of this manicure by U.K.-based nail artist India Jade and appear to be having a terrifyingly fun party at a glittering disco. This Gel Bottle’s Lavender flax shade is covered in sparkling glitter to create an appearance that blends glamour with ghouls in the most adorable ways.


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