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Best ways to foster Math skills in early childhood

Children try to use early math skills through different day-to-day activities in their preschool age, which is good news as these activities make them ready for kindergarten and school. But learning math for kids doesn’t mean taking out the calculator during playtime. Even before kids start school, most of them develop an understanding of addition and subtraction through everyday interactions. Other math skills are introduced through daily routines you share with your child such as counting stairs as you go up or down. Similar types of informal activities provide children with a jumpstart on the formal maths instruction that starts in school.

Importance of learning basic math skills for early learners?

Learning maths is similar to building a pyramid where you need to construct a good foundation for attaining the perfect shape. Mathematics is not just about complicated calculations and algorithms. A lot of people find math problems difficult and complex because of the inadequacy of proper maths education during their childhood and have missed out on the opportunity to build a strong base.

Lack of proper maths knowledge can affect cognitive development among kids. It has been proven through research that children having a strong mathematical knowledge base can establish cause-and-effect relationships with greater ease. Learning math for kids in early childhood is directly proportional to learning essential life skills, which makes it clear that it will have a direct effect on one’s future success. This also concludes that parents have a big role to play when it comes to developing their child’s future potential.

Different ways of fostering math skills among preschoolers

Most kids face problems in the initial phase of their schooling, especially in maths, because they might not have gone through proper early childhood education with the right guidance. Falling behind in the classroom can be stressful for the child as well as their parents. However, it’s not too late. At this point, it is important for parents to determine their child’s existing maths knowledge in order to identify the gaps and the right resources for them. Once this is done, children will be able to cope with the curriculum when they join school without losing their self-confidence and motivation.

Being one of the best early childhood education programs, Kumon presents the below-mentioned tips that can help your kids learn early maths skills along with building their natural curiosity and having fun together. These tips are specially designed for kids aged 2-3. Younger children can be exposed to songs and stories through repetition, rhymes and numbers.

  • Shape up

Introduce your child to shape-sorters. Talk with them about each shape, count the sides and describe the colours. You can also make your own shapes by cutting large pieces out of coloured construction paper. Encourage your preschooler to “jump on the yellow shape” or “hop on the square”.

Point out the various shapes and colours you see during the day. On a walk, you can make your kid notice a triangle-shaped sign that’s yellow. Inside a store, you may also see a rectangle-shaped sign that’s red.

  • Count and sort

Get a bag of small toys, pebbles, shells or buttons. Count them and encourage your kid to repeat the counting. Group them based on size, colour or shape.

  • Place the call

With your 3-year-old, begin teaching him/her the phone number and address of your home. Talk with them about how their house or apartment is one of a series, each having its own number.

  • Walk it off

Taking a walk gives kids a lot of opportunities to compare, assess, note similarities and differences and categorize. You can also discuss the size, estimate distance and practice counting with your preschooler.

  • Picture time

Using an hourglass, stopwatch or timer for time-short activities can help children develop a sense of time and to understand that some things take longer than others.

  • Read and sing your numbers

Sing songs that repeat, rhyme or have numbers in them. Many songs reinforce patterns making them a fun way to practice basic arithmetics and foster social skills such as cooperation.

  • Use the calendar to display numbers

Talk about the date and the day of the week. Calendars reinforce sequences, counting and patterns. You can also build logical thinking skills among your kids by talking about cold and warm weather, which encourages your child to make the link between different weather and clothing. To sum up, we can say that preschoolers learn the best during play. If they enjoy what they are doing, they can foster a better understanding of new concepts and ideas. Early childhood education programs such as Kumon help in learning math for kids during their preschool days through different playful activities. If you want to help your kids to develop early math skills, visit our website for more information.


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