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Basic Facts that we should know about Indian Labour Law

Indian Labour Law refers to the law that is constituted for the laborers or the workers of India. The law ensures the rights of the laborers and their protection. Labour Laws in India are associated with the Indian Independence Movement. This law is constructed to support the labor or worker category of India. It is beneficial as this law is constructed to stand against unemployment in India.

History of Indian Labour Law

Some specific acts that discerned the labor rights, trade unions, and freedom of association during the reign of the British Raj in India, are the following-

  • Indian Slavery Act, 1843
  • Societies Registration Act, 1860
  • Co-operative Societies, 1912
  • Indian Trade Union Act, 1926
  • The Trades Disputes Act, 1929


To talk about equality, some articles state such words for this fact. Article 14 states each and everyone should be equal before the law. According to article 15, it is specific that the state should not be biased against its citizens. The right of “equality and opportunity” for employment under the state has been exaggerated by article 16.

Child Labour

Article 24 states facts on another important subject- Child Labour. Child Labour under 14 years old in factories or mines or any other perilous are inhibited by this article. Another fact is stated under article 21 that the state should provide education as free and mandatory up to a child aged 14. However, these laws are not driven out and out.

Gender Equality

In a country like India, gender discrimination is another serious and dismal issue. Article 39(D) has said about it. It is stated here that men and women should receive equal pay for equal work. Because in India, in most cases we see that women are not paid the same amount that a man receives for the same work.

Gender Identity

Discrimination based on gender identity has been obstructed by the Union of India, the Supreme Court. The court has put clarification on the fact that a person should not be explained by their biological characteristics.

Migrant groups and others

Occupational Safety, Health, and Working Conditions Code, 2020 is the new replacement for the Interstate Migrant Workmen Act, 1979. The Indian Labour Law also speaks for their convenience.

Specifications of New Labour Codes 2022

According to the new labor codes, 2022, they will have to work for a certain period which is not more than 48 hours. The new code says the people who work for 8 hours a day will have only one week off. People who work for 12 hours a day in an organization will get three week-offs, and the ones who work for nine hours per day can have 2 week-offs.

Therefore, as per the new code, it is expected that these codes will bring change to the fullest. The Female workers, will be provided 26 weeks of maternity leave. And a company must take the permission of female workers for a night shift.


In the 2019 and 2020 sessions, four labor codes have been passed by The Indian Parliament. They are The Industrial Relations Code 2020, The Code on Social Security 2020, The Occupational Safety, Healthy and Working Conditions Code 2020, and The Code on Wages 2019. Now 29 labor laws have been codified under these four labor codes.  However, the less adjuvant labor laws in India are abolished by the present Government.


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