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The Best Abayas For Women In Pakistan

Best Abayas For Women: Are you looking for a conservative, modest, yet versatile, trendy cloth to cover your body? Then an Abaya is what you need. It has long been an integral part of women’s clothing in Islamic societies. This is not just because it helps them keep their bodies covered or conform to religious laws. It has much more to offer you than just being a piece of cloth covering your body.

Abaya is a fascinating Arabic term. Some call it a cloak, others call it a robe, but most of all, it is an outfit worn by thousands of Muslim women around the world. Today we are going to have a closer look at the different types of abayas and their purposes.

What is an Abaya?

Abaya is an article of clothing worn by women in many Islamic traditions, including Pakistan. Abayas are often made from lightweight materials like cotton or polyester to allow more mobility and freedom of movement while the wearer is also modestly covered. Abayas serve as a type of traditional Middle Eastern garment.

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Abaya is a body covering worn by many Muslim women in different countries of the world, especially in the middle east. The Arabic name abaya is the dress that is worn by most Arab women. Abaya is a kind of black traditional apparel that has been introduced during the 7th century.

The abaya is more or less the same as a long dress and covers all the body except the face and hands. This clothing is mainly known for protecting Muslim women from being sexually harassed in hot weather.

In some specific countries like Pakistan, Iran, and other places, this garment has different styles or designs. There are several stylized bottoms as well as headwear for these dresses based on culture and ethnicity.

An abaya is a long black cloak that is usually worn together with a hijab (headscarf). An abaya covers the body from the top of the head to the ankles. The sleeves may be long or short and are wide at the top but close to the wrists. An abaya is meant to be loose-fitting and provide freedom of movement for the wearer while remaining modest.

A full-length, loose-fitting outer garment worn by most women in Pakistan. All body parts except the hands, feet, and face are covered. Abayas are usually black. Some styles are ornately decorated with different colors of thread.

Abaya price in Pakistan

The price of an abaya depends on its type and fabric. In Pakistan, the price of an abaya ranges from Rs 2000 to Rs 7000. Abayas with embroidery work cost more than plain ones. The prices of abayas vary according to the brand, design, and material used in them. Get different types of abayas at different prices as well only at The Hijab Company.

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Abaya is a very popular dress for Muslim women. This is the most common and traditional dress of Muslim women or girls. It is a long, loose-fitting outer garment worn over regular clothes. Best Abayas For Women has many types and styles in Pakistan, which are available at abayapk.com at reasonable prices. The price of an abaya depends on its design, brand, and quality.

Abaya is a very popular dress for Muslim women. This is the most common and traditional dress of Muslim women or girls. It is a long, loose-fitting outer garment worn over regular clothes. Abaya has many types and styles in Pakistan, which are available at abayapk.com at reasonable prices. The price of an abaya depends on its design, brand, and quality.

Important Facts About Abaya:

  • There are several types of abayas available in the market such as black abaya, pink abaya, white abaya, etc.
  • The main feature of this dress is that it covers all parts of your body except your face and hands.
  • It can be worn with any kind of shoes like heels or flats because its length will cover them up completely from above knees to ankles so that you can wear them according to your choice without any problem at all!

Abayas come in several styles and fabrics such as cotton, georgette, chiffon, etc. They can be made of different designs and patterns. You can find the latest abaya styles online with great price deals.

Abaya designs in Pakistan

The Hijab Company Abayas are made with the finest materials and are designed to be comfortable, stylish, and modern. The fabric used in our Abayas is a high-quality polyester/cotton blend that is breathable, lightweight, and easy to maintain.

The Hijab Company Best Abayas For Women in Pakistan offer a wide range of clothing items from which you can choose. It specializes in offering high-quality products at affordable prices. This means that you do not have to spend much money on getting the best dress or abaya from this store.

Embroidered Abayas

High-end, stylish, and reasonably priced hijabs and abayas are available from The Hijab Company. This business has been successful in giving women stunning abayas that they may wear with pride. These abayas are beautifully crafted from premium materials and have a stunning appearance when worn. They are also incredibly gorgeous since they wear embroidered abayas.

Best Online Abaya For Women Store

The Hijab Company is the best online abaya store for Muslim women in Pakistan. We have a wide selection of modern and traditional abayas. Our collection includes high-quality materials like cotton, polyester, and chiffon that are available in different colors and styles. The Hijab Company also offers customized abayas with your desired stitching and design.

Our online store offers ready-made abayas to ensure that you get the best fit for your body type. Our company has a team of professional tailors who help you choose the right size of your abaya so that it fits perfectly on your body type. You can also order a custom-made abaya if you want to add any extra detailing on it such as embroidery or beads work etc.


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