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Apple Music vs Spotify in 2022

Spotify and Apple Music are the two main competitors in the field of music streaming, but it’s not apparent which one is better.

The industry for music streaming has expanded substantially and is currently very crowded after years of services being offered. Many programmes vie for the attention of customers willing to pay a monthly subscription, but Spotify and Apple Music are at the top of the stack.

Since so many smartphone users like listening to music every day, a streaming app subscription is required. The two services mentioned above are the most well-known on the market, thus most customers will select one of them.

Both services, which may be used interchangeably, have an all-you-can-eat music subscription bundle aesthetic. When studied closely, there are a lot of differences between the two auditory entertainment options.

Even while switching services may offer benefits depending on your listening needs, users who have already made their choice may not feel the need to do so.

Apple Music vs. Spotify: Audience Age

The longer of the two has been on the market, with Spotify having been operational since 2006.

Apple Music may still benefit from the company’s expertise with iTunes, Animixplay. which began in 2001, and the iTunes Music Store, which debuted in 2003, despite the fact that it launched in 2015 much later than anticipated.

Apple also avoided starting from scratch since parts of Beats Music, a service it acquired as part of the $3 billion Beats acquisition, were used in the project.

As the industry’s 800-pound gorilla and the preferred streaming service for years, Spotify has made a name for itself. Spotify kept the top rank worldwide with a 31% share in 2021, down from 33% in 2020, according to data released in January.

The same survey ranked Apple Music second, with 15% of the estimated 524 million streaming music service customers worldwide.

Since Apple doesn’t often provide subscriber figures, there is no official estimate of its subscriber count. 422 million monthly active users, out of 182 million consumers, according to Spotify.

Apple Music is Spotify’s nearest but yet distant competition. Amazon Music and Tencent Music are in second and third place, with 13% each and 8% for YouTube Music.

There are many potential users to be obtained, and it is possible for a competition to overtake Apple Music in a market that grew 26% year over year in Q2 2021.

The size of the subscriber base or the age of the service won’t matter to end users, as long as they are aware that both have significant subscriber bases and will be there for a while. They won’t suddenly disappear one day. They both intend to remain.

Apple Music vs. Spotify: Songs and Audio Content

Users could place more value on the music and other listening alternatives. It serves no use to pay for a service if it doesn’t offer the music you enjoy.

According to Spotify, there are over 82 million songs accessible, including over 4 million podcasts. Apple, on the other hand, offers 90 million songs for listening, which is a greater collection.

Because they both comfortably cover the vast majority of popular audio tracks, the bulk of consumers won’t be concerned about the quantity discrepancy. Catalogue sizes matter for less popular songs or other album versions, as well as for less popular, more obscure songs.

The reality remains, though, that you must listen to a lot of music on each.

Ogg Vorbis stream quality for Spotify’s apps is comparable to 160 kbps for free users, although its premium version has a 320 kbps cap.

AAC streaming on Apple Music typically has a bitrate of 256 kbps, however this is not the end of the story. Lossless should be taken into y2meta account.

Apple offered Lossless as an alternative to high-definition audio, which offers music at a higher fidelity than typical. This offers two distinct quality levels: 24-bit/48kHz Lossless and 24-bit/192kHz Hi-Res Lossless.

To transfer these higher data speeds, a wider bandwidth is required. That necessitates a very high bitrate for Apple Music Lossless—up to 1,411kbps.

The primary restriction is that proper hardware is necessary in order to listen to Lossless audio.

Despite marketing efforts, Spotify decided to postpone their planned Spotify HiFi service, a comparable high-fidelity offering, indefinitely in January.

While the playlists on both services are beautifully created, Apple Music goes above and beyond with “Radio.” Digital radio stations like Apple Music 1 and Apple Music Hits, which include DJs and carefully curated playlists, broadcast their material live to all listeners at once.

Comparing Spotify vs Apple Music’s podcasts and other content

Apple and Spotify are both familiar with podcasts as long-form content they may provide users, despite the fact that they operate differently.

First off, inside its software, Spotify clearly differentiates podcasts as such. Technically speaking, podcasts are a unique item kept on the Apple platform’s Podcasts app.

You may listen to a number of independent podcasts where each side offers unique information that the other cannot.


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