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Age No Bar in Orthodontic Teeth Straightening Anymore

Your smile is one of the best ways to express yourself. But if you are not confident about the appearance of your teeth, you may not be at ease sharing a big and hearty smile. Crooked and missing teeth are invariably very embarrassing. Moreover, such issues can also have an adverse effect on your oral health and wellbeing. These days, orthodontic dentistry has improved a lot. Now it is possible to have the teeth straightened at any age. Even adults 50 years of age and above are undergoing orthodontic treatments to have their teeth straightened.  

Older adults and orthodontic braces

Till the recent past, people believed orthodontic braces are only meant for children. At the most one could wear braces till early adulthood but that was full of uncertainty about how much help would that be. Now that uncertainty exists no more. And braces to straighten the teeth are as much applicable to older adults as for teens and younger adults.

As such, braces work faster when your jawbones are tender and transitional during childhood and adolescence. On the other hand, teeth keep shifting almost lifelong. Therefore, technically there is never a time when braces will not be effective. Have you ever wondered how braces work? Braces exert pressure on the teeth and facilitate their movement. Straightening the teeth is a longer and more time-consuming procedure for adults compared to that for kids. This is because the jawbones in an adult are more mature and hence rigid. Thus, it is more difficult to shift or move them from their original alignment to the correct one. Yet the bottom line remains unchanged. Your age is never a factor for braces to bring desired and expected results.

Where do you start your orthodontic teeth straightening treatment? This is a valid question in the present-day scenario when people from every age group are eager to have their teeth straightened. If you want to straighten your teeth your first port of call is making an appointment with your orthodontist. An orthodontist is a dentist too with specialization in orthodontic dentistry. So, this expert is more used to aligning the teeth, jaws, and bite patterns.

Modern orthodontic dentistry relies on digital photography and x-rays to understand the shape of your mouth. Based on those strategies they design effective strategies to realign the teeth. While designing the realign strategy for your teeth, the expert will tell you how long the treatment lasts to achieve your goal.

Different types of orthodontic braces

Once the initial things are sorted, you are likely to be given options to choose the type of braces you want. As such, unlike that in the past, orthodontic braces in the present times are available in a wide variety of options. Let us explore a few major options in braces in the following section.

Conventional braces – if you prefer conventional metal braces, your orthodontist will fix metal brackets to each tooth and connect them with wires that are also made of metal. In this approach to teeth realignment, you will need to adjust the wires time and again at frequent intervals. Thus, you will need to make repeated appointments with your specialist dentist. Treatments with conventional metal braces usually last longer compared to the other options that you may choose.

Straightening the teeth with traditional braces is not a discreet procedure. The metal brackets will remain clearly visible on your teeth. This may make you self-conscious about your appearance. In fact, the distinctly visible metal brackets used in conventional braces are known to make people overly self-conscious. Ceramic brackets that come in the color of the teeth are a practical alternative to metal brackets. These are much less obvious than fixed metal brackets and yet these are kind of visible.

Clear aligners – Clear aligners are removable trays that you wear over the teeth. Each set of trays moves the teeth a little at a time. These are clear and transparent in appearance and thus are hard to detect even from close quarters. This is a reliable alternative to traditional braces that make users overly self-conscious about their appearance. As clear aligners are removable, you can easily brush and floss your teeth every day to maintain optimum oral hygiene. Moreover, there is no dietary restriction whatsoever either. You are free to eat and drink anything throughout the period of your treatment.

Caring for clear aligners is also easier. You can clean this range of orthodontic appliances with lukewarm water and a toothbrush or a mild soap. If you prefer clear aligners, your dentist will provide you with a series of carefully customized trays. You have to shift to a new set of aligners every few weeks. Your dentist will share all the necessary guidelines and instructions as well. This will ensure your treatment delivers desired results. Clear aligners take almost the same length of time as traditional braces to bring results.

At-home aligners – You can order this range of orthodontic aligners directly on your own, without the guidance of a dentist or orthodontist. However, it is better not to encourage this treatment option especially if you have a complicated history of oral health. It is always much better to see an orthodontist and follow the expert’s guidance about the treatment.

Lingual appliances – If wearing braces at matured adult ages makes you self-conscious then you can certainly consider the option of lingual appliances. Lingual teeth straightening appliances are worn behind the teeth. Thus, there is practically zero chance of anyone spotting those in your mouth. However, this range of orthodontic appliances is known to irritate the tongue and make your speech hard to understand. 

Invasive surgery – In some acute cases of teeth misalignment, invasive surgery is necessary to make sure the braces work smoothly to deliver expected results. These surgeries are more common in cases where a patient’s bone formation affects the ability to use the jaw in a proper way. Once the surgery is over the patient is put on orthodontic braces for a period of time to correct the problems.

These days, it seems the craze is to straighten your teeth with invisalign. An ever-increasing number of people from every possible age group are relying on this revolutionary teeth straightening technology to sort out their orthodontic misalignment issues.

The Chatfield Braces Clinic is one of the most trusted places in London for orthodontic teeth straightening. Dentists associated with the practice point out, that retainers are a must right after any type of teeth straightening procedure to prevent a relapse.


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