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What Are The Right Ways to Apply Face Pack?

Face packs are essential in our daily skincare routine. Every expert dermatologist and beautician recommends including face packs in the routine. Many famous beauty brands have come up with a wide collection of face packs for every skin type. For example, explore Light Up Beauty’s face packs and masks collection to know their skin beneficial properties. There are some right ways to apply a face pack for glowing skin. The below details will help you know about its effective ways.

Steps To Apply Face Packs In A Right Manner


You may feel like applying face packs is messy, but it can do wonders for your skin. First, tie up your hair and make a bun. Cover your shoulder with a cloth or towel.


You must clean your face and give it a fresh feel. You use cleansers or face wash to clean. Follow with scrubbing and leave your face to be dry. Once your face is dry, you can continue to the next step.

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Use damp hands to apply the face pack. Take a good amount of face pack to cover your entire face. Keep it away from your eye area. Face packs usually cause irritation to the eyes. Apply the glowing face pack all over your face and extent it to your neck portion.


Wait at least 10 to 15 minutes. Within this time, the ingredients of the face pack will get absorbed into the skin. Don’t wash immediately because it won’t give you good results.


Now, you can remove your pack gently without applying force. Use water to wash out the pack.


Once you remove the face pack, use a clean cloth to pat dry your skin.

These are basic steps for applying face packs. A face pack for glowing skin is used following the above steps. The application procedure is mentioned on every product’s label or available within the product packaging. Following the step-wise process will help you to get glowing skin.

Applying Different Types Of Face Packs

Face Packs are not of single types and are available on different bases. The application procedure of every type is different. If in a weekly routine, you apply different face packs for various purposes, then you must know the right way to apply them. Moreover, everyone’s skin type is not similar. Therefore, the preferences are also different. People choose different face packs based on their skin type. Here is the procedure for applying different types of face packs.

The face pack types are cream-based face packs, clay face packs, sheet face packs, bubble face packs, gel face packs, and overnight face packs. Let’s learn the right ways to apply these face packs for glowing skin.

Method To Apply Cream-Based Face Pack

Cream-based face packs usually come in two major types – Peel off or Rinse off. For both, you can apply the face pack with a basic application procedure. It is an instant glow face pack. Simply use your fingertips to apply evenly all over your face. It has a creamy base, so it can be applied easily all over the face. Avoid applying the cream on sensitive areas such as the eyes, lips, and eyebrows.

Method To Apply Clay-Based Face Pack

To apply a clay-based face pack, you need to be careful. These face packs are very messy to handle. Just dip your fingertips in the face pack. Remove a quarter-sized amount. If it is not enough for your face, scoop out some more after applying. Evenly spread the clay all over the face. Apply it to the upper neck portion. The Light Up Beauty’s BEAM Glacial Glow Mud will give an instant glow with this process. Ensure that you are avoiding contact with your eyes and lips.

Method To Apply Bubble Face Pack

Even for a bubble face pack, a quarter-sized amount is taken. This face pack is easiest to apply without any complex process. Of course, you need to prevent it from the eyes and lips area.

Method To Apply Sheet Mask

To apply the instant glow face pack, you must follow some right steps. First, you have to remove the sheet from its packaging. Gradually unfold the mask without tearing. Apply it to your face by lining up based on your shape. Place it accurately on the eyes, nose, and mouth section. Once you place it perfectly, gently press it to stick evenly. After the given time, you can remove the sheet.

Method To Apply Gel Face Pack

Gel face masks are so refreshing to apply. With a single time spread, it eventually spreads into your entire skin. At your fingertips, take an amount to apply over your face. Like other face packs, avoid gel packs to reach your eyes and lips.

Method To Apply Overnight Face Packs

Overnight, a glowing face pack remains on your face the whole night. These can be of any type, for example, gel or clay type. Take a significant amount and apply. Avoid it to get in contact with the eyes and lips.

These are the simple and effective ways to apply face packs. You can follow these steps to get an instant glow with Light Up Beauty’s face pack.


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