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Touched by Angel Salon Policies to Attract Clients

How to attract clients to my salon? This is perhaps the most important question that will haunt your head once you start your business. On many occasions, starting your own hairdressing salon is not the easiest thing, since you must support your business through proper administration, operation, and customer service. Touched by Angel Salon is one such great place that cares for its clients more than his awesome advertisement. Clients love to visit this salon at Stockbridge. Let’s look at its advertisement policies.

How to promote a hairdresser?

Regardless of the objectives or the type of business, rest assured that none is static or set in stone. Any company can grow or decline unconsciously, and although the vast majority of entrepreneurs would like to see their growth, many times the opposite ends up happening.

The growth or decrease can be reflected directly through the number of customers served daily. However, before you have problems of this nature, you should know the various points to consider so that your business grows.

know your customer

This is the starting point to attract new customers and consolidate the ones you already have. You must focus on their needs and respond to what they require. Analyze your profile and determine its characteristics and aspects.

Be aware of trends

When you start in the world of hairdressing and styling, it is extremely important to update yourself regularly to offer your clients the latest. Find out about the latest news in our Professional Stylist Course.

Set clear and realistic goals

Although everyone would like to change the world with their business, it is essential that you proceed step by step and safely. You must set clear and achievable goals in the time you stipulate.

monitor your numbers

You must know your income and expenses at all times, because only then will you be able to glimpse or study your financial position, which will help you discover certain deficiencies or planning problems.

inject support

Undoubtedly, capital is the backbone of any business. Therefore, you should consider certain investments to increase the productivity of your business, hire staff, train them or make improvements to your establishment.

How to promote my hairdressing job?

Getting customers is the main goal of every entrepreneur, but how do you get there? Or rather, what is the process to attract more customers? To answer this question, it will be necessary for us to delve into an area of the utmost importance for the success of any business: marketing.

Marketing is in charge of designing, planning, and executing the entire promotion or dissemination campaign for your hairdressing services. To achieve this, it relies on various channels or means of dissemination.

Web page

A web page is essential if you want to promote your services. This tool will become the first contact between the client and the business, as well as being the ideal place to show everything you offer.

Social networks

They are the most used platforms today due to the immediacy and ease with which they work. Social networks give your customers the opportunity to get to know your business easily and quickly.


As its name indicates, it is a process in which you must interact with other types of businesses so that they promote your business and you promote theirs. It is a win-win relationship without economic agreements in between.

email marketing

It is a strategy in which you will communicate in a personalized way with your clients through emails. Consider that you must create a relationship of trust before offering or selling your services.

Position yourself in Google

Whether we like it or not, Google has become the most important search engine today. For this reason, it is recommended that you look for a good position in this space because, in this way, you will obtain greater possibilities for growth. Think about your profile and focus it on what you want from your business.

If you want to know more digital marketing strategies to position your business and take it to another level, sign up for our Marketing Diploma for Entrepreneurs and learn all the secrets of big companies.


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