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Hamilton Best Pizza place

Pizza is the ideal food. It’s versatile. It is filling. It the delicious from the tip to the crust. Hamilton’s got plenty. This may be the most challenging top list we have ever created. There are too many incredible pizza places all around Hamilton. We did our best with the list, balancing old favorites with newer ones and traditional and modern dishes.

The city of Hamilton continues to stand out among its constantly expanding culinary scene for the sheer number of pizza establishments that offer enough variety to satisfy every taste and budget, from straightforward neighborhood shops to more upscale options.

It wasn’t easy to narrow down the top ten pizza restaurants in Hamilton, but we tried to include established favorites and up-and-coming eateries in various settings and price points. Here is our pick of the top pizza joints in the Hammer for 2022, without further ado.

These Are Our Top Picks of Hamilton’s Best Pizza Restaurants


Hamilton is a more tourist-friendly destination. The Niagara Escarpment is a stunning area with breathtaking waterfalls, trails, and scenery. Take a trip to Hamilton’s fall fairs and visit the nearby vineyards, orchards, wineries, and farms.

Must-try Pizza in Hamilton

Comfort food is in huge demand these days. A good pizza is the best.

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Hamilton, 224 James St. N.

VittorioColacitti, Toronto’s Top Chef Alumnus and chef behind The Good Son, knows a bit about wood-fired pizza. A Bologna oven is paired perfectly with Abruzzo’s oil. This makes for an authentic and delicious pie. The raw bar is another specialty of the restaurant. If you want something sweet and spicy, try the Monte Pollino. It is a favorite combination: crispy pork cheeks, roasted pineapple, and pickled Habaneros. 

Manipal tiki Bar

Although this new restaurant is relatively new to Hamilton’s dining scene, it already has a strong reputation and high-quality local reviews. Salar Madadi is the head of MaiPai. Located in East Hamilton on Barton Street and specializing in square Detroit-style deep dish pizzas, MaiPai is a great place to go. Mai Pai is known for its delicious square pies, which are crisp with crunchy edges and have creative, tasty toppings.

Even an essential Detroit Red Stripe is good enough. It has brick cheese, mozzarella, and romano cheese along with a thick stripe of house-made Red Sauce. Mai Pai even offers more fun pies, like the Secret Pickle Pizza loaded with fresh dill and bacon and the Do You Wanta, which features Nduja sausage with fig marmalade, ricotta, and basil. The pizzas are a little more expensive than usual, but they are worth it.

Milanos Halal Pizza Hamilton

Milanos Halal Hamilton Best Pizza offers international pizza flavors made from the best New Zealand ingredients. Its famous Milano’s pizza and Portuguese-grilled chicken promise a memorable dining experience. Each pizza is made using fresh dough. The rich sauce base comes from a variety of herbs and spices. 

It is the chef’s family recipe with over 25 years of pizza-making experience. Milanos meat lovers’ pizza includes a large selection of lamb salamis, lamb sausages, chicken, pizza sauces, cheeses, and mayonnaise. You can also choose from various gourmet pizzas, including a Greek pizza with red onions, capsicums, and olives. Also, you can get lamb salami, lamb salami, or smoked chicken.

Mizzoni Te Rapa

Mizzoni Te Rapa makes Waikato’s best-wood-fired pizza. The pizzeria uses only fresh, local ingredients to make a delicious selection of pizzas that are sure to please. There are vegan and gluten-free options available for those who have dietary restrictions. Margherita pizza uses mozzarella, garlic, fresh basil, Napoli sauce base, and vegan green choice pizza uses vegan cheese and green rocket.

Hamilton’s Pizza Takeout Restaurants Offer Pickup

Pickup toggle can be used to find Hamilton Pizza places offering Pickup. Also, you can see if Pickup is available after adding items to your cart.

1595 Upper James Street, Hamilton

Sasso encourages “Mangia,” and pizza is the choice. The seasonal menu offers unique options like the San Francisco (cured salmon, fennel, and roasted red peppers), capers, olives, and the Nutty Pig (maple, leeks, mozzarella, walnuts).

Conte’s Pizza

Conte’s Pizza in Mercer County is a favorite, and they’re very proud of their pizza. They offer delicious thin-crust pizzas that are well worth the drive.

Where can I find Hamilton’s best Pizza Delivery?

When searching for the best delivery, you should look for Hamilton’s pizza shops and restaurants. Make sure you check the open hours to know when it’s closed. It would help if you also looked for Pizza delivery locations that offer promos or deals.

What’s the best time to order pizza delivery in Hamilton, Ontario?

We’ll show you all the restaurants and shops that are currently open. Be sure to check out the hours for any particular Pizza restaurant so you can find out when it’s empty. Madadi developed the Detroit-style pizza recipe that is used in Hamilton.

Instead of being round, it will be a rectangle pan with a thin, stretched-out crust. The crust is deep-dish. It’s thicker than a regular crust. We ferment our dough for two days to give it more flavor and tenderness.

Manipal’s pizzas feature a reverse-ordered topping system. They start with cheese and then move on to the toppings.

Madadi states that Detroit-style Pizza contains more cheese than regular pizza. The cheese runs from edge to edge in a pan to create a crisp border around the cheese.

Which Hamilton restaurant serves the best deep-dish pizza?

Nottingham Pizza and Deli is where you should go for deep-dish Hamilton’s Pizza. They offer a full menu and specialize in deep-dish pizzas. Brother’s Pizza offers over twenty specialty pizzas.


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