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Are HiLook Cameras the Most Cost-effective Security Solutions?

HiLook Cameras is Hikvision’s most cost-effective, easy installation and steadfast brand up-scaled towards the entry-level video surveillance market. HiLook delivers a comprehensive and affordable range of video surveillance solutions ensuring high product quality. 

Easily installed and manageable

HiLook Cameras security system can be easily installed and manageable. Its latest video management software is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. Anyone can effortlessly operate the HiLook security system through their smartphone or PC. This easy-to-manage feature provides: 

  • Alarm management
  • Videos recording
  • Live view
  • Remote search and playback
  • Scheduled storage
  • File backup

Affordable with High Performance

HiLook is an entry-level Home Security Cameras solution offering high-performance video surveillance, excellent functionality, and professional installation. Although cost-effective, it stays on top of all your home security needs. Whether looking for around-the-clock monitoring, it provides 24/7 uninterrupted coverage for your home or business. It is undoubtedly a good value for money product. So if you are cost-conscious, HiLook cameras will meet your budget, delivering you a high-performance CCTV camera system that allows you to configure it to your project requirements without difficulty.

Big storage space 

HiLook comes with a more efficient technology that is H.265+ compression, which compresses the data so that you get the same image quality while taking less hard disk space.

Extensive collection of application

HiLook series comes with an extensive variety of products with different applications. Such as bullet cameras, dome cameras, turret cameras, network cameras, network video recorders, and PTZ cameras. These security products have different options, including resolution, lens sizes, and channels.

Higher Resolution Cameras

Whenever we are buying a camera, we always tend to look for some essential features in it. The resolution of a security camera is the most important feature looked upon before purchasing it. It confines the amount of detail that any camera can capture. If the resolution of a security camera is higher, then the ability to capture more rich details is also high. Higher resolution security cameras don’t turn the image quality blurry or grainy while increasing the size.

HiLook Cameras have a wide range of cameras starting from 2 megapixels to 5 megapixels, with different resolution options. Like in 2MP security cameras, you would find 1920×1080 resolution. Similarly, 5 MP security cameras have 2560×1960 resolution. The higher the resolution, the higher the details we will get. So, 5 MP security cameras deliver more details than 2 MP. HiLook security camera range offers 2,4,5 MP surveillance cameras with budget-friendly products and many high-functioning applications.

Fixed and varifocal lens

HiLook offers a broad range of security system cameras with fixed and varifocal lens sizes. Every one of us has a different requirement when it comes to security. Surveillance cameras are installed according to the requirement of the place. HiLook cameras range is perfectly tailored down to your security system needs. 

Fixed Lens

HiLook cameras with three different lens sizes:

  • 2.8mm – delivering a large field of view
  • 4mm – a narrower field of view
  • 6mm – a narrower field of view

Varifocal Lens

  • Varifocal lenses can adjust focal length by zooming in and out. This feature is so user-friendly that the end-user can zoom in on more rich details. HiLook offers two different varifocal lens sizes:
  •  2.8mm-12mm
  • 4.8-12mm
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NVR Channels 

Hilook provides NVRs with three channel options, namely:

  • A four-channel NVR – can be connected to four cameras network simultaneously.
  • An eight-channel NVR – can be connected to eight cameras network simultaneously.
  • A sixteen-channel NVR – can be connected to sixteen cameras network simultaneously.

The number of channels an NVR offers indicates the number of cameras it can connect simultaneously to the NVR.

Single-cable solution 

PoE (Power over Ethernet) is the operating voltage sent to the network camera through the network cable. It doesn’t require a power socket to be installed near the camera. HiLook provides network cameras that are equipped with PoE. This PoE option means there is no need to lay cables which is a real money-saver.

Video motion detection alerts

Video motion detection will deliver an alert message on your smartphone whenever it detects an object in the set zone range. Through the setting options, you quickly adapt to your recording mode. An SD card slot in the network camera is available that best serves this purpose. The alarm videos are saved immediately on the card whenever there is motion detection. 

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Furthermore, it’s your convenience to look at the alarming video immediately or some other time of any day, as it will remain saved in the SD card unless you want to remove it. Moreover, you can use an SD card of up to 256GB.

HiLook products are incredibly affordable and professionally built, perfect for your DIY installation. You don’t need to hire a professional team and pay extra charges for its setup. Its user-friendly applications are time-saving and easily manageable. HiLook cameras are an excellent option for a cost-effective, high-performing security system tailored to smartphone applications.


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