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A Guide To Use Face Moisturiser Properly

Face moisturiser cream has been a crucial part of skincare routines for a long time. When used properly, these products can boost the water content level in the skin’s stratum corneum and also eliminate dryness. Well, if you are using a moisturiser for the first time, then you should know how to use face moisturiser cream properly to witness its maximum benefits. Don’t worry at all as we have mentioned some important tips that will help you with this.

A Guide To Use Face Moisturiser Properly

Always Apply On Your Damp Skin

Different from other products, you should apply your moisturiser while the skin is damp. That means after getting out of your shower or cleaning your face; you need to apply the moisturiser within a few minutes. Well, if you are using a serum, a toner or an essence, then use that product first and after that, apply your moisturiser. This will help you to seal the water or moisture into the skin, and your skin will remain hydrated for hours.

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Dab It Gently Before Massage Your Skin

It has been seen that some women prefer to rub the cream in their palms before applying it. But you should not do that as most of the ingredients will get absorbed into your hands. So, how to use moisturiser cream? Well, take a little amount of the cream on your hand and then dab it across the face using your ring finger. Then you can gently massage it.

Never Over-Apply A Moisturiser

If the usage instructions say you should use one pump, then using three to five doesn’t mean that you will get more benefits from this. When you apply more moisturiser than the recommended amount, then it may create a shiny t-zone. Besides, your skin will not be able to absorb the ingredients properly. So, follow the instructions and apply the right amount.

Don’t Always Go For A Face Oil

Even though natural oil can help lock in moisturisers, most of them don’t have humectants, and they will not offer a sufficient amount of hydration to the skin. To keep your skin hydrated, you should go for face cream or face moisturiser cream that has natural humectants such as honey, tremella extract, and hyaluronic acid. If the moisturiser has natural emollients, then it will work great for your skin. If you prefer to use face oil, apply it after applying the moisturiser.

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Apart From Face, Apply It On Your Neck

While there are many products that are designed for your neck, you should keep your neck area perfectly moisturised. Remember that your neck doesn’t have sufficient oil glands. And as you age, the collagen level decreases, and your neck area will develop wrinkles. When you apply a moisturiser regularly to the neck area, you can prevent dryness, and it will also lower the appearance of wrinkles.

What Should You Look For In a Face Moisturiser?

Various products, like serums, creams, ointments, and lotion, are some of the primary methods of offering moisture to your skin. Buy a moisturiser that has the following ingredients:

  • SPF
  • Glycerin
  • Ceramides
  • Hyaluronic acid

If the product is non-comedogenic, then it will not clog pores. Besides, a moisturiser with SPF is good for sun protection. Look for a product with SPF 30.

Some other ingredients to look out for are

  • Humectants- These are the substances that can pull water from the air into your skin, for example, panthenol, honey and glycerin.
  • Occlusives- These are oily substances that can prevent evaporation of water, like lanolin, mineral oil, petrolatum, stearic and more.
  • Vitamins- Different Vitamins like Vitamin C and E can lower the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Why Do Moisturisers Matter?

When your skin isn’t able to retain sufficient moisture, it can become rough and dry. This may happen due to different reasons, like any medical conditions, frequent bathing or cleansing, environmental factors and more. By using the right face creams, you can keep your face skin protected from irritation. Besides, there will be less dryness. These products create a protective barrier between the climate and the skin and keep your skin safe from dry and cold air. On the other hand, they can increase the skin’s capacity to hold water while rehydrating the skin.


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