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How Orfeus Network Will Change the Space of Tourism

Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Every day, millions of people travel to other countries and cities for business and other purposes. They pay a hefty commission every time they have to transfer money or exchange currency when travelling to another country. At the same time, the cost of travelling to European countries is very high, especially the flight cost, mainly because of the high agent commission involved. 

Cryptocurrencies can help solve many of these problems in the global tourism industry and make travel affordable and accessible to everyone.

Orfeus Network is a blockchain network comprising many high-end platforms and services for tourists. The network is based on the concept of zero commission on travel services, i.e. all travel-related services, from flight booking to hotel booking, customized tour packages and others on all platforms of the Orfeus Network are offered at zero commission when using cryptocurrencies, including the native ORF token for payments.

ORF token is the native utility token of the Orfeus Network and acts as an extremely secure, low-cost, reliable, fast, transparent and global means for travel-related payments. Basically, you can use ORF tokens to pay for all types of travel products and services on all platforms of the Orfeus Network. Some of these services include booking cheap flight tickets on the ClubXchain platform and self-organizing trips on the TripXv platform

Besides that, the Orfeus Network will provide onboard many tourism service providers and agents to directly offer low-cost travel services to travellers and digital nomads worldwide using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Orfeus Tokens have many other benefits for clients (travellers) and travel service providers. As a cryptocurrency, it is protected against inflation, i.e. the value of the token will not fall due to inflation. As the demand and popularity of the token increase as more people buy, use and trade it later, the value will also increase, making good profits for buyers. 

All those who purchase ORF tokens now will also receive guaranteed access to all existing and future services of the Orfeus Network at reduced prices along with attractive discounts and bonus offers. Travel service providers also get a lot of benefits for purchasing ORF tokens and onboarding the network, such as help with cash flow, an interest-free method of fundraising, guaranteed future work, an increase in sales, and much more.

How Orfeus Network will change the travel landscape

Orfeus Network and ORF token will not only provide access to affordable, high-quality tourist services to people around the globe, especially middle-class families and digital nomads who cannot afford to pay high commissions to travel agents but also it will make travelling a more convenient and joyful experience for digital nomads by offering access to various travel services on one platform with the ability to pay for all kinds of tourist services using ORF tokens.

The Orfeus Network Pre-ICO sale is all set to start on 1st August 2022 and early investors will get a 20% bonus for buying tokens on or before 10th August. So, hurry now and reserve your seats.


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