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How to install a music system in a car?

The presence of a standard music system in a car is essential. People love to listen to music while driving and a bad audio system producing coarse music is worse than anything. For a music lover, nothing is more painful than listening to distorting voices and trembling instrument audio. They often want to know how to install a music system in a car.  

People who have factory speakers or stereos in their car, know that these products are not the best ones available. Some audio equipment manufacturing companies like Sony have the best car speakers in India. If you want to upgrade your car’s audio system, then read this article till the end. You will get to know how to install a music system in a car. 

Whenever you buy accessories for a car, you should trust some authentic sellers. There you will get the best products at affordable prices. So, whenever you decide to install a music system in your car always buy it from some reliable source.  

Installing a music system in your car is an easy process that you can do yourself. You will not need any expert technician for this. Here are the simple steps for installation. But remember that there are different types of cars and audio systems. Some of them can be really complicated to fix.  

How To Install Music System In A car?  

Installing an audio system in your car is a simple task. You should be able to do it yourself provided your car or the new stereo system does not have a different configuration. That is why you should always go through the manufacturer’s instructions. Here is the process of installing the components of sound equipment in your car.  

  1. Disconnect The Battery To Avoid Accidents: To remove the old stereo you have to first set the parking brake. This step is necessary to ensure the safety of you and your car. Now you have to disconnect the negative cable from the car battery. This is how you avoid problems of short circuits during installation. This can cause serious accidents like fire in the car and even death. 
  2. Unscrew The Stereo System: Now unscrew the stereo system. In some cars, there are several plastic trim pieces to remove. Take off any knobs and drawers before prying off the trim. Try to remove the trim using your hands or some tools without damaging it.  
  3. Take Off The Stereo: Disconnect any component attached to the car. Now make the stereo lose by removing the screws and nuts. Use screw divers or nut divers to do the task perfectly. In some cars screw and nuts do not hold the stereo in place, for them you must use a radio removal key. In Ford cars, you will have to use this type of key.  

After you have done the unscrewing, now it is time to pull the system out of the panel. Do this gently to avoid breaking the system. If it does not come out easily, you should check if there is any screw left attached. 

install a music system in a car

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  1. Take A Picture: Taking pictures of wearing is important for later use. When you will wire the new music system you will find this picture helpful.  
  2. Unplug The Connection: First, unplug the thicker wire. It is the antenna connection. Then remove other wires by releasing their harness.  
  3. Install The New Stereo: Connect the new stereo wires to the harness. See the reference diagram to match the wires correctly. Now you will see how to install a music system in a car.  
  4. Install The Mounting Kit: Not all but some stereos come with a separate mounting kit. Follow the manufacturer’s guide to install it. After that, you can connect the car’s power source to the stereo. Now you should connect all the wires and for that, you will take help from that picture you took. Test it once before putting the panel back in place. 
  5. Your Installation Is Complete: Push the stereo in place and fasten all the screws to fix it to place. Fix all the removed parts like knobs and drawers. Put all the trim pieces. Now you can turn on the new music system and enjoy your favorite songs on loop. 

Summing Up: 

If you feel the need to change or upgrade your existing music system, buy a high-quality system first. In this article, you have learned how to install a music system in a car. Now you can use this knowledge to upgrade your car audio system.  

CarOrbis deals in the best music systems for cars. They are one of the most reliable car accessory sellers in India.  

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