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SEO Rank Tracking and How to Overcome Them

Identifying the most searched keywords, finding keywords that are connected to those most sought phrases, and developing content for those keywords is what it implies for certain people. After that, you keep an eye on how you now stand in the rankings for those keywords and continually make adjustments.

While doing so, you continue to produce content with the intention of “snowballing” the expansion of your SEO services best campaign. It’s possible that, depending on the size and nature of your website, you’ll have to devote a significant amount of time to optimizing product pages for new keywords or even to developing landing pages in order to bring in new consumers.

This method is successful for a large number of websites; but, if you run an enterprise firm, you cannot survive using this strategy. It may be difficult to keep up with new keywords and optimize individual product pages rather than using page templates, regardless of how high your workforce may be.

Specifically, rank monitoring might be challenging due to a large number of URLs and keywords that need to be monitored.

Enterprises often have difficulties in maintaining their positions at the top of Google for tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of keywords. This is not a problem for smaller businesses, which have no problems keeping up with the rank of their most important phrases.

Let’s discuss some of the more typical issues that business companies run across with regard to rank tracking and the ways in which these issues may be resolved.

Enterprises May Face Difficulties When Tracking Their Ranks

There are four primary factors that contribute to how difficult rank monitoring becomes with increasing website size:

1. It is challenging to implement rank tracking on a large scale.

The majority of business websites are rather large. Take, for instance, an online store that has 8 million URLs indexed, or a news or media website that produces 100 new pieces each and every day as another example. Both of these examples are rather large. It’s easy for things like this to spiral out of control when you consider the fact that a single URL may rank for several keywords (sometimes even hundreds!).

How are you going to be able to consistently monitor that great of a number of keywords, particularly given the fact that rank might shift from day to day for a great many different reasons? Worse still, how can you possibly optimize individual pages for keywords when your website has such a large number of pages?

2. It is difficult to keep accurate rank tracking records.

The majority of the time, rank monitoring is derived from keyword research, which is a process in which you figure out what terms your audience is using to search for the information or items you provide. Sadly, this procedure may be time-consuming and laborious, particularly for businesses that want exposure to millions of distinct keywords.

Because of this, keyword research is often viewed as a job that can be “set it and forget it,” or at best, as something that should be done at least once every three months or once every year.

If you simply do keyword research occasionally or very rarely, you won’t be able to keep track of new keywords for which your website is receiving impressions and clicks since you won’t know about them. There is a significant amount of danger involved in not being aware of contemporary trends on a more regular basis, particularly in a society that is becoming more digital.

SEO Services

3. Rank Tracking Doesn’t Offer All the Useful Particulars You Need to Know

Most rank monitoring systems are unable to give enterprise businesses the level of detail that these organizations often need.

Many rank monitoring systems will tell you what position you are ranking in for the keywords you have chosen, but they are unable to provide you with any more information, such as the number of hits you are receiving for that rank. This is due to the fact that the majority of rank monitoring solutions get rank position data by scraping the Google search result pages rather than making use of genuine searcher or actual website data.

4. The Rank Tracking System Is Devoid of a Great Deal of Context

The issue of context being absent is analogous to the problem of there being insufficient information. Enterprise companies have a responsibility to learn not only the places they have in the rankings but also the reasons behind those placements. Are they doing well, or is there a problem with the way they’re using the technology that prevents them from ranking higher?

If you don’t have that background, you won’t have much to go on when it comes to deciding what actions to take.

Therefore, what are some potential solutions to the problems associated with rank monitoring for big company websites? You don’t only focus on watching your rankings; instead, you include other technical aspects of SEO into your plan.

How to Move Beyond Rank Tracking When Implementing Enterprise SEO

The Capacity to Be Discovered Is of Greater Importance Than Any Keyword

Enterprise websites need to place a greater emphasis on strategies and adjustments that will enable them to achieve the greatest possible level of success over a greater number of pages than a smaller website. Because it influences the website’s entire performance rather than the performance of specific keywords, an SEO strategy that takes a full-funnel approach often produces the most significant outcome.

This is a very useful feature for huge websites. Beginning with the technical aspects of search engine optimization guarantees that your website can be crawled, displayed, and indexed. Discoverability is the component of this SEO funnel that is considered to be the most important.

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