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Get The Anupama Written Update on your Finger Tips

In today’s Anupama Written Update, we’ll learn about Anupama’s sacrifice for the Shah family, her relationship with Kinjal, and her argument with Anuj. It’s important to catch up on the show’s recent events if you haven’t already. After all, no Anupama fan can have enough information about this character! In addition, don’t miss the latest sneak peek at the upcoming episodes to know what happens next!

Anupama’s sacrifice for the Shah family

The second episode of Anupama’s Sacrifice for the Shah family revolves around the fate of Leela and Anuj. After Leela faints in the Shah house, Anupama rushes to the house and consoles Leela. Anuj confides in her and Malvika, who tries to convince Anupama to leave the room. Leela gets angry when she finds out that Anupama is the one who cheated on her, but she accepts her apology and moves on.

Anupama’s sacrifice for the shalwar family will leave the Shahs in a state of complete disarray. The Shah family has a reputation of being harsh on their women, but Anupama is determined not to compromise her happiness for the sake of the family. Although she is a good cook, she isn’t happy with the money she earns at work and feels unappreciated by the family.


Anupama’s relationship with Kinjal

Anupama and Kinjal are a popular couple in a TV show on Star Plus. Kinjal’s pregnancy upsets Toshu and she is not ready to accept the child. On the other hand, Kinjal wants to take the child’s responsibility and is ready to accept the child as his own. The problem arises when Toshu crosses the line and labels the baby as a bad omen. The couple fights over the baby and Toshu slaps Kinjal and Vanraj.

The relationship between Anupama and Kinjal is tested after the pregnancy of Kinjal. She is pregnant with her first child and is worried about the future of her unborn child. She asks Baa to help her and Kinjal agrees. However, the situation between Anupama and Kinjal becomes serious, which makes it difficult for the two to make a decision.

Anupama’s argument with Anuj

Anupama and Anuj have a heated argument over a certain issue, the past of their children. Vanraj has been humiliating his wife for 26 years through Anupama, so Anuj has to ask her to leave the Shah family. Anupama defends herself and tells Anuj that she will see his children and he should not let his past get in the way of their future.

When Barkha tries to talk to Anupama about her decision to stay away from the family, Anupama reminds her of her promise to Ankush. But Ankush points out her fault, but Barkha defends herself. In turn, Sara sided with Ankush, saying that Vanraj creates scenes for a reason. The two leave the house and Sara asks why Ankush and Anupama are constantly at each other’s throats. Nevertheless, Ankush asks Barkha to check the finances and Anupama’s decision to stay away from the family is in line with her feelings.

Anupama tells Anuj that she is not the kind of woman who allows others to benefit from her situation. She asks Barkha to check her account. She tells her brother that something is wrong with the amount of money Anuj spent on interior design. Despite the argument, she still wants to stay together with Anuj. In the end, she does not let Anuj get away with humiliating her.

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