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Home Decorating Wooden Flooring in Glasgow: All you need to know

Wooden Flooring in Glasgow: All you need to know

Nowadays, many people are turning to Wooden Flooring for their homes. While there are some who prefer Wooden Flooring in Glasgow as they feature easy cleaning and maintenance while there are some who prefer the classic look of wood over tiles or carpet. No matter whether you have an old property or a new one, Wooden Flooring adds character, warmth, and style to your property. When compared to carpet or linoleum, the initial cost of wooden flooring is higher but if necessary repairs and regular maintenance are carried out from time to time, it can last for a lifetime. General wear and tear are common for carpets, linoleum, or laminate products so they cannot fare as well over time. Therefore, you need to replace them more often which will cost you more money than what you initially expected. 

Have a look at some of the key advantages of Wooden Flooring.

Advantages of Wooden Flooring

(1) Strong and Durable: Strength and high durability are the main reasons why people prefer wooden flooring. Yes, there are chances that the floors might get dented or scratched, but it is not that easy. If proper care is taken for wooden flooring, it can last for a lifetime. Unlike other floorings like tiles, laminates, or stone floors, Wooden Flooring being natural products, can hold the warmth better,and thus they are more comfortable, especially during colder climates. In both domestic and commercial environments, Wooden Flooring can stand up to heavy footfall as the making of these floors makes them incredibly tough. 

(2) Hygiene and Maintenance: It is quite easy and simple to clean and maintain wooden flooring. They offer good resistance to dirt and liquid spills, making it simple to brush or wipe away. When compared to carpets, Wooden Flooring in Glasgow are hygienically far better. Moreover, wood floors do not harbor parasites like dust mites, fleas, ticks, or allergen-producing spores and thus particularly benefit allergy sufferers and pet owners. Spilled liquids or unpleasant odors left behind by pets will no longer be a big issue mainly on account of the simplicity of cleaning wooden flooring. 

(3) Ameliorates the look of your home: Besides adding a touch of elegance to your home, wooden flooring also makes your home feel warm. Wood floors give your place the illusion of looking bigger than it actually is. Make that lasting first impression on guests by installing wooden flooring which gives a more welcoming look to your home. 

(4) Adds value to your home: Wooden Floors definitely add value to your home. If you are planning to sell your house after some years, you should keep in mind that compared to a carpet, buyers will pay more for a hardwood floor. Also, carpets are not liked by many homeowners as they consider them as a petri dish for provoking allergy symptoms. Therefore, rather than considering replacing the existing carpets, they always prefer a house with hardwood floors. You not only get more value but also you can sell your house faster if you have installed Wooden Flooring in Glasgow. 

(5) No fading of colors: Carpets lose their charm and luster over a period of time. Wear and tear over time or paints can damage the colors. But, this is not an issue with wooden flooring. Hardwood can last for many years mainly due to its steady appearance of it and rarely needs to be replaced. 

Why do people prefer Parquet Wooden Flooring?

Parquet Wooden Flooring is a type of wood flooring from a collection of pieces of wood that have been pressed in such a way as to form boards or pieces ready to be installed on concrete floors. Read on to find out why people are preferring this type of flooring.

Benefits of Parquet Floors:

(1) Parquet Floor Variations: Parquet floors consists of pieces of wood installed together. They feature a decorative and geometric beauty not possible to be displayed on ordinary wooden boards. You can also paint or finish parquet floors with different styles, in addition to beautiful formations. Therefore, it goes without saying that parquet floors provide a warm feel while still looking elegant. 

(2) Easy Cleaning: Do you want a home that would require minimal maintenance and still always look neat and clean? A lot of troublesome maintenance is not required for Parquet Wooden Flooring. You are only required to clean, sweep and mop, especially if they are processed parquet floors. 

(3) Durable and Sturdy: Parquet Flooring can be worn for everyday household needs on account of its high durability. Signs of damage or aging can be rarely seen if there is the normal use of parquet floors. Solid Parquet floors are in fact quite strong and durable and with proper care and maintenance can last up to 50 years. (4) Non-Allergenic Requirements: If you or anyone of your family members are suffering from allergic problems, then Parquet Wooden Flooring will be the best consideration for you. These floors can catch allergens more efficiently, like dust, pollen, pet pests etc. Also, they are easy to clean at any time owing to their lightning finish.


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