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Wondering How Gojek Clone Helps Run 82+ Different Businesses With One App?

You probably already know that the Gojek clone app offers 82+ on-demand services, right? But do you know what all service categories are available? Don’t worry because, in this blog, we have enlisted all the categories offered on the app and everything that goes at the backend! 

Shall we begin?  


The 82+ on-demand services of the Gojek cloneKINGX 2022 app are categorized into 7 categories so that the users can easily find out whatever they want. Although smart search features are there, nothing beats accessing every single service right before the eyes. 

Online taxi booking service 

Let your users book a taxi ride, rentals, moto ride, and even use the carpooling option to commute from one location to another. Backed with safety features like SOS/emergency button and requesting a gender-specific driver is what makes booking this service a mandate. Moreover, the users also get to travel Covid-free because the drivers have to first complete facemask verification, agree & follow the safety checklist, etc. before they start the trip. 

On-demand service providers 

The Gojek clone -KINGX 2022 app empowers users to hire on-demand service providers like carpenters, plumbers, car washers, babysitters, beauticians, and many more. The users can book their services using their iOS and Android smartphones. Besides the ease of hiring them, the users can easily track the provider on the map, and choose the service provider that they think suits their needs. 

Online payment via an in-app wallet has made it easy for the users to hire and pay a service provider without having to run to ATMs regularly. 

Food, grocery, medicine, etc. delivered from stores 

The best part about this all-inclusive application is that the users can easily order things online and get them delivered to their front door within a few minutes. For instance, any customer who wants to purchase groceries has to simply open the app, go to the store from where they want to place their order, add things to the cart, edit the order if needed, and simply order them. 

Customers who want special deliveries can instantly record and upload voice instructions for the driver.  In other words, the Gojek clone is the ‘go-to’ when it comes to ordering, purchasing, or booking a service! 

Delivery genie or delivery runner? 

The delivery genie is the one who will fetch and purchase the items for you from nearby stores or the city’s local market. Genie will also deliver the items your customers requested right at the door so that they don’t have to go and look for them on the crowded streets and far-off shops. 

A delivery runner, on the other hand, is the person who will charge a minimal cost and run errands for your customers. So, the next time your customers wish to send a small package, documents, or lunch box to the office, they can simply hire a delivery runner. 

Online video consultation with professionals 

This service is exclusive to the Gojek clone –KINGX 2022 app. Here the users can easily book an online video consultation with professionals like doctors, tutors, fitness coaches, and even astrologers. Video consultations have come in handy for people who are fear-stricken about going outside and visiting a professional in person. 

Service bidding 

Service bidding is also exclusive to KINGX 2022. The users are empowered to place bids on the app for handyman jobs that they want to get done. The app will connect them with nearby handymen from the selected subcategory. After which, they can enter into negotiations and find a suitable price to move further with! 


Do you wish to own such an app that offers nothing but convenience and comfort to your customers? Then, the Gojek clone -the KINGX 2022 app is what you need right now. 

It is the quickest way to climb through success and become the billionaire you’ve always wanted to be!


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