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Know the Lifestyle and Find Knowledge able Facts About New York

We’re going to be talking about the new york today some call it the least American city no wonder 55 of households don’t have a car here it’s the most popular city in the u.s with a population of 8.8 million and  20 million people living in the metro area let’s learn more about the new york today is situated on a large natural harbor composed of five boroughs. 

The Bronx Brooklyn Queens Staten island and of course manhattan two blocks down and take a right a block has a literal meaning here all streets are perpendicular and form a grid only the southern tip of the island is knocked out of the clear geometry where the streets don’t form a grid and broadway which runs diagonally across the island.

Design of the New York City Streets

New York City Streets
New York City Streets

The commissioner’s plan of 1811, was the original design for the streets of  Manhattan which put in place the rectangular grid plan pretty convenient the basic thing to remember is that avenues run north and south while streets run east and west everything is so compact and congested that you don’t notice how you cover large distances every new intersection brings something new and exciting to better understand the city let’s take a quick look at its.

History and War

History and War
History and War

History of new york traces its origins to a  trade-in post that was founded on the southern tip of manhattan island by dutch colonists in they named it new Amsterdam 40 years later in 1664 it came under English control and was renamed new york after king Charles ii of England granted the lands to his brother the duke of york. 

Then comes the independence war and the signing of a peace treaty British troops set sail for their homeland and in 1785  new york became the capital of the united states for five years the city’s turned into a large industrial and financial center manhattan is being developed further up north with giant bridges in the first skyscrapers the new york stock exchange is overtaken.

The  London one over the course of the 19th  century the new york today city’s population grew from 60 000 to 3.4 million in 1886 the main symbol of new york was erected on a small island near manhattan the statue of liberty it was donated by France immigrants from all over, Europe are flocking here Italians Irish Jews and Russians new york became the largest city in the world. By 1925 in 1952 it solidified its global geopolitical influence when the united nations headquarters were completed let’s take a look at the five boroughs and let’s start with manhattan.

Talk About Manhattan Island 

Manhattan Island
Manhattan Island

Manhattan island is divided into lower manhattan midtown manhattan and uptown regions times square is the main tourist destination in midtown manhattan led by its numerous billboards it got its name in 1904 when the new york times moved its headquarters to the then newly erected times building.

Now called one time square a times square billboard today runs from five thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars a day this place is always super.

Crowded day and night but honestly it’s much more impressive at night it’s just fun sitting there and watching the people and all the ads running around if you like large crowds and street performances you’re gonna enjoy it news lives up to its name the city that never sleeps that’s illegal the NYPD continues to crack down on legal dirt bikes and ATVs having seized 565 of them in the last three months but we’ll talk about crime in the new york today.

Most Famous City Park in the World

City Park
City Park

Now let’s relocate a central park it’s the most famous city park in the world it’s a nice place to find some peace and serenity during the day it is entirely man-made and it has several artificial ponds two ice rinks and even a zoo yes that same zoo from which animals escape in the movie Madagascar.

Heart of new york city today and this is the most visited urban park in the united states with 42 million visitors a year on top of that it’s the most popular location for filming movies.

Everything street musicians sports grounds horse-drawn carriages and even such unique historic monuments which you don’t expect to find here like the obelisk also known as Cleopatra’s needle that was brought from Egypt and it’s roughly 3500 years old there is a wide.

Variety of landscapes too from metals and woodlands to lawns and there’s always someone practicing yoga meditating or just reading books.

People walked across the park from south to north and exited at the northern side and this is where Harlem begins an area with a rather dubious reputation it’s fine it’s been gentrified it’s safe in fact the word gentrified is the most common word.

Gangs and Crims in New York Today

Gangs and Crims
Gangs and Crims

There’s no denying Harlem has improved so you understand this is what it looked like in the 70s and 80s  but even today residents of east Harlem perceive crime as the biggest single concern there are still many gangs in  Harlem today on a positive note.

Harlem has been known for its jazz clubs soul food nightlife scene and African-American heritage  125th street is considered to be the main street of Harlem and is home to the apollo theatre and noted venue for  African-American performers where Stevie wonder Billie holiday.

Diana ross another big name started their career in west Harlem you will find the magnificent cathedral church of saint john the divine on Amsterdam avenue as well as colleges and universities including Columbia university one of the most prestigious ones in us.

Back to central park, there is something for everyone here whether you’re just going for a casual walk picnicking, or jogging there’s no denying new yorkers love their part and squirrels.

Living in the New York City Today

Life of New York
Life of New York

New york’s a great place to live it’s in some ways feel like you’re in the middle of the world or the center of the world culturally business diversity. There’s a lot to explore bad things about living in new york today it’s kind of a hassle it’s very crowded it’s expensive you deal with yeah it’s dirty and things like that but at the end of the day.

People moved to new york for their careers to try to get ahead in life that’s why a lot of people come here. it’s the estuary people know on good days you walk out or bike out to the Hudson River and you smell the ocean that’s right and the third is the cultural capital of the western. A world so the big apple’s most famous street is the fifth avenue it crosses Manhattan from north to south and it’s one of the most expensive streets in the world. 

So many interesting things here world’s famous apple store trump tower with a BLM mural in front of it flat iron building saint Patrick’s cathedral a gorgeous catholic cathedral that was built in  1878 empire state building and so much more a section of fifth avenue running from  34th to the 60th street is a  concentration of boutique shops and expensive.

High-end stores this is where  Audrey Hepburn freezes on the sidewalk and stares at the jewelry store window and breakfast at tiffany’s now let’s relocate to lower manhattan.

Stock Exchange Market and Market Giants

new york stock exchange
Stock Exchange

Is the center of the financial universe known as wall street bankers and stock traders rushed to their offices early in the morning the city security industry represents over  163 000 jobs with an average salary of  422 thousand dollars a year impressive this is where you find headquarters of  JPMorgan chase Citigroup and other financial giants?

The New York stock exchange and the Nasdaq the world’s largest stock exchanges are both located here this is a famous new york stock exchange. 

If you happen to own some American stock this is where they’re trading if you’re bullish on the stocks take a  picture with the famous charge and bull a bronze sculpture that symbolizes the bullish market financial optimism and prosperity nearby another statue fearless girl promotes and female empowerment to get great views of the lower manhattan. Just take a ferry a lot of locals use it every day it’s very affordable and enjoyable.

Looking Some Awesome Views

new york city views
City Views

Looking for some awesome views of the city you might want to check out the best observatories first the empire state building it’s a 102-story art deck of skyscrapers that provides stunning panoramic views.

It was the tallest building in the world from 1931 until  1970. from here you can see the Chrysler building considered by many to be one of new york’s finest next to the top of the rock observatory on top of the Rockefeller center built by the Rockefellers in the 1930s it has an ocean liner style design and offers a 360-degree view of the entire manhattan.

Third, the highest observation point is one world trade center the tallest skyscraper in new york and all of the u.s.

Completely enclosed and with a 360-degree view, one of the new additions is the edge located at the Hudson yards that has an observation deck with a glass floor sadly. People can visit the vessel it’s a 16-story structure of connected staircases very cool shape and it reminds me of a beehive another great idea to get great views is to take a funicular ride to a Roosevelt island. 


This small island is in the middle of the east river between the shores of Manhattan and queens today.

Another residential part of the city is Queensborough bridge and Roosevelt island to get here you can take a cable car which is part of the public transportation system of the new york city today and the fair is the same as it is for the subway 275  so interesting fact during the British colonial rule this whole island belonged to one family the Blackwells and it was called Blackwell island.

But today is just another residential neighborhood but the most exciting thing to take a helicopter ride if you wonder. How much it cost was 300 for 30  minutes and what’s cool about it is that helicopter had no doors if you can afford it go for it first.

The ride would be shaky and all but it turned out to be very smooth like I was sitting in the car on top of that the city has over 50  rooftop bars popular for romantic dates and celebrations new york city is the third city in the world with the most amount of skyscrapers after Shenzhen and hong kong and rooftop bars are really popular,

Here so you basically get an observation deck and the bar all in one package let’s take a look at some other parts of manhattan. Greenwich village or just the village.

It’s an upscale area that was once the center of bohemian culture in various political movements artists and writer’s rainbow flags attest to the neighborhoods.



The Chinatown and Little Italy manhattan’s Chinatown feels like real china with its numerous greengrocers and fishmongers tea rooms and dim sum parlors since 1850. This area has been inhabited by immigrants from china the new york today, has the largest population of Asians more than san Francisco and Los Angeles combined being a minority. They’re doing pretty well for themselves how’s that the secret is a  hard work ethic these areas, also have a  high rate of college-educated residents and lower crime rates.

When you visit the Chinatown and go to try something like that bubble tea you’ll find little Italy when  Italian immigrants started moving to this manhattan neighborhood in the late  1800s. They brought their customs food and language today.


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