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What Are the Top Benefits of Recruiting a Virtual Assistant

If you are a busy entrepreneur who barely gets any time to handle everyday tasks, hiring a virtual assistant might be a good idea. A virtual assistant is just like a regular employee. However, recruiting them will cost you very little. Also, they will be working remotely. While there are many talented VAs located all over the world, it is oftentimes difficult to hire the most skilled ones.

Top 7 Benefits of Recruiting a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant has a lot of benefits. Let’s have a look at seven of the major ones:

#1. Saves You Valuable Time

Business owners are often consumed by office work almost all the time, leaving them little to no time to focus on other tasks. They can take care of this problem by recruiting a virtual assistant. The individual can handle all the tedious and repetitive business tasks, allowing entrepreneurs to take a breather. They can then use this free time to perform their other important responsibilities. Also, in business, time is money. Therefore, having some help available to take care of the back end is highly beneficial. If you hire a VA, it is suggested to train them properly and once a solid working relationship is established, you can pay heed to expand your business.

#2. It is Cost-Effective

As virtual assistants will be working remotely, you will be able to save a lot on overhead costs. This means that you will not be required to pay for additional office space or morning coffee. Plus, you won’t have to worry much about the office supplies as they will only be utilized by your on-site resources. Moreover, as most virtual assistants work on a contractual basis, you will not have to spend on extras like fringe benefits.

#3. Eliminates Office Politics     

A workplace can quickly become toxic because of office politics. Luckily, if you hire virtual assistants, you will not have to worry about the conflict that can arise between coworkers. Your talent will be working from home which means that they won’t be interacting as much unless you ask them to work together.

#4. Boosts Productivity

A virtual assistant can easily boost your productivity, enabling you to do more. How? Well, some of the basic duties of a VA include answering emails, data entry, keeping up with the spreadsheet, communicating with vendors and clients, and answering phone calls. If a virtual assistant is taking care of such responsibilities, this will allow you to focus solely on your business goals. You can put in all your efforts and achieve success by being more productive.

#5. More Flexibility

Hiring a virtual assistant means you will get access to those workers who won’t mind working on a flexible schedule. However, it is always best to ask them if they can stay connected even after the regular working hours before you hire anyone. If they are, you can expect them to entertain clients even if it’s late at night or early morning. This flexibility is really valuable, especially if you are running a hectic business and need someone who can handle all tasks on the fly.

#6. Helps in Avoiding Labor Laws

Labor laws are established to keep employees safe. However, some of them make it nearly impossible to fire a poor-performing employee. This is because the worker can sue the business owner for taking such an action. But things change when you hire a virtual assistant that is not from the same country as you are. This means that the labor law won’t apply. Therefore, you can fire the person at will if they are not performing up to your standards without worrying about a lawsuit.

#7. Gets You Some Peace of Mind

As an entrepreneur, you invest your time, money, and efforts into building a thriving business. This means that whenever some trouble arises whether it be related to customer service, staffing, or productivity, you just can’t ignore them. These concerns follow you everywhere even if you are at home and continue to bother you until you solve them. Having a reliable virtual assistant can give you some peace of mind. The individual will address the gaps in your business and would work hard to resolve all the problems.


Business owners are typically occupied with work, making it difficult for them to focus on other important tasks. This is why they seek the services of a virtual assistant. Entrepreneurs offload some of the responsibilities to them in order to free up their schedules which allows them to focus on their business goals. Everyone needs a VA even those who run a Cox Internet service so they can expand their business. Plus, considering all the aforementioned benefits, it makes hiring virtual assistants a worthwhile decision.

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